Can you hear my Orchestra?

This is me! I’m a musician first and foremost. Every breath I take is ruled by the music in my life. I believe I was put on this earth to bring joy to others through the gift God gave me. But I also live with severe asthma and all the daily struggles it brings me. Whether I choose to blog about my passion for music and teaching, or the disabling lung disease I battle with, join me on my journey here; my first attempt at blogging and eventually, Project 365. I’m going to start that on 1st February, as good a day as 1st January, just one month later!

CoskyKeep up! my Scootie is really fast!


4 Responses to Can you hear my Orchestra?

  1. kerri says:

    YAY!! Welcome to the blog world, Sus! 😀

  2. Thanks!….and to think I once thought it was hard getting my head around Twitter.
    Any advice very, very gratefully received!
    I’ve registered with p365 but apart from that, like with all of this, I’m blonde!!!

    Feel free to help me!

    Sus ;-/

  3. danielle10 says:

    Welcome welcome! Glad to see another friendly face!

  4. Natasha says:

    Hi! Looking forward to reading more, and to seeing the Project 365 photos…

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