Another (wet) Medical Monday!

Why does it always rain on a Monday?

Not that I really have much to moan about as I do not have to be at my wet cold soggy school until Wednesday and hopefully by then it will be dry!

So the purpose of this entry is, I have to go get my bloods done this morning. Wonderful. A soggy wet Monday and a run in with the vampires! I’ve been counting down until today actually as I’ve now been on my serum potassium supplement (slow-k 600mg) for 2 weeks. I can feel how much better I am in myself, not so deathly fatigued like I was over Christmas, and something of a decent appetite too which is beneficial in all respects. But we need to check this drug is doing what it should  and that I am approaching something of the normal serum K range. I don’t want to stay on these for ever. I have my own personal pharmacy at home here and am on 1st name terms with my Pharmacist as it is. Surely I could just consume truck loads of bananas, green leafy vegetables and quinoa! But until I have a level over 4 (mine is currently 2.8) on the slow-k I will remain!

Of course, as all of us know, cold day, buried veins, although my veins are still pretty prominent and holding their own, so we’ll see…….wish me well, I’ll probably wait weeks for the result anyways!

Needle anyone!

…..Edited on Tuesday……

I simply had to add this sign……

The woman sitting next to me in the Waiting Room was yacking incredibly loudly in a foreign language on her phone….maybe she simply didn’t understand the English? So there was I, minding my own business, tweeting silently to Kerri & co, and like the quieter everybody else was, the louder she yacked, for the whole 30 mins I had to wait.

But I did cough loudly though!


14 Responses to Another (wet) Medical Monday!

  1. Steve says:

    Welcome! All I can say is ..IT’s ABOUT TIME ! It’s so good to finally see you blogging. You have a lot to offer!

  2. Olive says:

    Hey there,

    I know what you mean about potassium levels. Mine always seem to be in my boots. I take sando K four times a day but i think the amount of salbutamol counteracts the sando k so levels jsut stay constantly low.

    Hope the vampires get blood ok.


  3. Thanks so much, Steve…but my blondeness and lack of any skill whatsoever in the blog world have already got me enlisting Kerri to admin this site for me.
    No breath holding waiting for me to sort out side bars and the rest, I’m having having a little Canadian flunkie to do it for me!

    Olive, that’s a whole lot of stomach churning Sando-k- yeuch!
    I’ve been having infusions, then solubles now onto orals once daily. I am hoping I’ll get a better level. I feel much better after 2 weeks on it (was told it was also high dose Pred that has flushed mine out)


    • kerri says:

      Hey, you look like you’re doing well with the sidebar stuff! Let me know if there’s anything you need done :).

      I also agree with Steve’s “It’s about time!” comment! 😀

  4. Simi says:

    Hi Sus!
    I found you on Kerri’s blog! 🙂
    glad the veins are holding up well, but sorry to hear about the Slow-K, hope you can get off it ASAP.
    hope you continue to blog.
    take care , Simi x

    • Thanks for your kind words Simi,

      I’ve just put up a post today about my experience with potassium and cramps. Hope you enjoy it.
      I sure will continue to blog if you guys are happy to read the waffle!


  5. Amy says:

    Hi, and welcome! It’s good to see you blogging, and I agree w/Steve. Can’t wait to read your stuff, and btw, what kind of musician are you? Do you sing or play or both? I’ve been wondering…

    • ..I’m a playing musician-Classically trained, that’s what my degree is in (BMus, MMus). I was a professional Oboist, but can’t blow it any more. But I studied piano and oboe jointly as my 1st study…Now most of my playing is accompanying work, and blasting out the hymns for school church services (I’m also an organist)
      As far as singing goes-nothing more than being a church chorister as a kid, and directing my school choirs now. I’m not a singer with these lungs!

      Lovely to see you over here, Amy!


  6. Natasha says:

    I’m jealous! I’m a church chorister now… would have loved to have been one as a kid.. don’t think I envy you blasting out the school hymns though 😉

  7. Hi Natasha, the hymns are the best bit….remember, PP means pretty powerful for us organists!!

    What sort of stuff do you sing in your choir, the old school mainstream or Gospel, Folk, modern?

    Keep up the singing, it is such brilliant PT for all of us lungers.


  8. Natasha says:

    We sing everything from anglican chant (my favourite thing ever), a bit of Dutch chant (when there’s a 5th Sunday in the month and we sing for the Dutch RC’s) to 20th century english church composers… the standard Anglican repetoire, I’d say, even though we’re in The Netherlands. I love it… and it’s got to be good for the lungs… though the lungs are always good for the singing!

    Great sign in the waiting room btw. When I was seeing the vampires last week, they had one up saying something along the lines of “people in this waiting room find it extremely disturbing if you use your phone”… Couldn’t agree more!

    • ….I too love anything Chanty. We have got a whole lot to be thanking those Monks for. I’m a particular fan of the Italian Renaissance composers, Vittoria, Palestrina, Monteverdi. Such joys to sing those works. Glad you like the Anglican Chant.

      Do you ever sing any of the Taize chants, we do them at school sometimes…..


      • Natasha says:

        we used to do the occassional bit of Taize in my old choir… not in my current one though. We primarily sing choral evensong – my favourite thing, especially on a cold dark winter day!

  9. kerri says:

    That sign cracks me up.
    I was texting/text-tweeting in the doc’s office yesterday ;). Perhaps that was why the old dudes were looking at me?

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