Tabla, Tala and a Taper!

Today I’ve reached 20mg…..

This is my most critical stage in a Pred taper. I always hit that iffy lung time when I get down to 20mg and then try to force the drop to 15mg. I am also weaning more quickly than my lung Docs suggested, just because I’m me, blonde, stubborn and impetuous. And the quicker off the stuff, the less painful the wean providing my asthma plays the same game.

So where do the Tabla come in?Well today I was teaching about Indian music with my 8th graders. A taxing enough topic when I’m running on full puff, but to try and be heard above the noise of their tabla bashing, with a chronic cough and little steam, was really quite a challenge!

The Tala rhythms are so complex, a bit like trying to wean off the Pred really. They are learned to a system of chanted syllables in a cyclic fashion, again, a bit like my on off, on off, Pred dosing! Who would have thought my lung health would turn out to be so like my teaching topics.

I came across a doctor’s report yesterday, which said some thing like ‘by the time I had tapered and weaned from one course of pred, I was about ready to go straight back on another’. For the majority of the previous year I had not managed to stay off of it entirely for longer than a 3 week cycle. There-that word again, cycle!

So my lung journey and need for Pred is really exactly like learning rhythmic patterns in Indian Music. Cyclic.

Biorhythms? I think these Indian Gurus may have hit on something (excuse the pun).


One Response to Tabla, Tala and a Taper!

  1. Steve says:

    I love your musical take on things, even your daily symptom log.

    You’re in the states a lot, you should do SARP. If you’re interested, I’ll arrange it for you.

    I think the researchers could learn a lot from you. The fact that you’re still able to work ( as a high school teacher no less) blows me away.

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