Blog ‘Food’: What does GF mean to me?

I’m a Gluten Free Girlie….

In my particular form of GFness, I cannot eat anything that contains the type of Gluten found in wheat, cous cous or barley, but I am ok with porridge oats and a very small amount of rye. The exact protein I am severely allergic to is Omega 5 or Gliadin. I have been semi wheat free since the age of 16 when it was suggested that giving up wheat would help improve the awful eczema that I was covered in at that age. I have gone back to wheat eating on an on/off basis a few times here and there, but in 2005 I was tested for pure wheat allergy (not intolerance, but real allergy) seeing as I had so many coeliac symptoms, weight loss, digestive problems, low electrolytes, dry skin, and of course, my severe and difficult to control asthma. The result of these tests, was that I am very allergic to wheat (my actual IgE level was one of the highest the dietician had seen) and also to ragwort and  specific wheat grasses. I was then put on a wheat free regimen. Not hard in the ‘impossible’ sense of the word, but I knew it would be awkward  as we’d always enjoyed meals at friends and eating out. This would now require some planning.

I cannot therefore walk into a shop and buy a bread roll, or a cake or a donut or eat a hamburger from one of the well known chains, or indeed, a pizza (Although, many people here will know of my extreme weakness when it comes to pizza, my forbidden food)  I will suffer for my sins, because I just love it too much. My dietician has decreed that I am allowed to get away with it once a month, but J literally sets his stopwatch for when the symptoms and my writhing in agony begin, severe stomach ache, rushing to the toilet, shivers, shakes, and hot, red flushed skin. 24 hrs or more of feeling bleurgh just because I can’t resist a Fiorentina with a soft egg on the top!

However, it just isn’t the same eating home made pizza or making it with my dough, it has to be a proper Pizza Express or Prezzo pizza or for a special occasion, a real treat at Harrods Pizzeria pizza.

I have learned to adapt recipes and use GF flour-rice flour-potato flour and soya  flour mixes. Seeing as I am such a keen cook this has not been much more of a problem then just trial and error and  a bit of ‘road testing’ of my recipes!

Here are a few I baked earlier….

Gluten Free white bread

Gluten Free corn bread

Selection of Gluten Free coconut cakes and chocolate chip cookies

So that is what I home bake. But I am also prescribed Dietary Specials bread and rolls (you can click their logo in my sidebar and check out their website) and my wonderful and generous Parents keep me stocked up with all sorts of GF goodies from their local Tesco hypermarket. It is a standing Family joke in that I email or text them an order and they drive over and stock my cupboards with their own ‘.com’ delivery service!

My favourite GF products of the moment are cheese crackers, blueberry cereal bars and ginger biscuits, all from Tesco! And thanks to Mum and Dad I have a good cupboard full at all times!

So next time you see me Tweet that we’re going out for a pizza, you know what that means for me…..

….I’m eating my forbidden food (but the agony is worth it!)


4 Responses to Blog ‘Food’: What does GF mean to me?

  1. Elisheva says:

    You should try my GF chocolate cake. It’s delish! I have no problem with gluten myself, but this is my second time having a GF flatmate, so I’ve learned to adapt a bit.

  2. Elisheva-wow! Do you have the recipe to hand, and could you write it here for me? I’d love to make it….thanks!

  3. Elisheva says:

    Yep. It’s pretty simple. Check it out!

    Take a saucepot with a teeny tiny bit of water and melt 200 grams of broken chocolate bars (I’ve always used dark chocolate – but you can try milk chocolate. I dunno how it would come out) and half a cup of oil and a cup of sugar.

    When it’s all melted and mixed together, take it off the stovetop and let it cool a few minutes. One at a time, mix in 5 eggs (I noticed GF stuff is chock full of eggs for some reason). Make sure you stir them in quickly and well, so they don’t turn into an omelette inside your batter.

    After that, stir in 6 tablespoons of potato or other GF flour and a heaping teaspoon of baking powder.

    Mix the whole thing together well and then put in a greased baking pan and bake at 175 degrees C til it’s done – I dunno. Like a half hour? More? Something like.

    Let me know how it turns out! Can’t wait to hear about it! 🙂

  4. Wow-that’s a good and simple recipe with a bunch of store cupboard ingredients for once!

    Thanks so much I will definitely try it!

    The eggs are the binding/setting part of the cake-like the gluten is in the wheat flour. Keeps it light too!

    Thanks so much!


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