False Impressions-Do you look sick?

To all my fellow asthmatics-Do you look sick?

When asthma is such a hidden disease, how many of you actually look sick with yours? Do we give a false impression of being a well person, or is it possible to tell that there is something going on inside that just isn’t right, and just by how we look?

Does having severe asthma mean that I have to act in a certain way, do specific things, wear special clothes , so as to make myself stand out…….No, I think not!

But I do get a bit fed up sometimes of people questioning things like my parking in a disabled bay. Today, yes, I was dressed in my new Christmas coat and Uggs, and I was actually wearing my oxygen in public for once …but along came the Spanish Inquisition… “but you don’t look ill”  Do I need to wear a badge that says “don’t be fooled by the fact that I look kinda normal, I’m actually quite sick!”?

Then there is the other side to this discussion. Why does my school like to say things like “but you’re really well now we’ve got you a scooter” Gee, if severe asthma can be ‘cured’ with a scooter, they’d be flying off the shelves like hot (GF) cakes!

And the number of comments I get when accompanying the services-“how lovely to see you so well” Memo to self-play the organ more often, it gives this wonderful false impression of health and beauty!

Actually readers, I do try incredibly hard to not be the one who looks ill. To me, to look funky, bright, young and fun, makes me feel that way inside. It doesn’t cure my lungs of a single cough or wheeze but it can sure give that wonderful false impression of being a lot less sick

My final thought of this entry is….if happiness and illness are a connected state of mind…

…So who said you can’t be happy and ill?

I am!

By the way, I just blew this 176-like hello bottom of my yellow zone,. If J saw this he’d be making me a double neb. OK, in fairness I’m pretty tired today: done some cleaning, been swimming, didn’t really sleep that great last night and I’m  now the tiniest bit tight but I so don’t feel like 176 should make me feel. Oh great-so now I have a false impression of being a lot ‘weller’ than I really am. But that’ll be another blog post…..

So until I write that one…

…I sure hate it when the meter lies, don’t you?


12 Responses to False Impressions-Do you look sick?

  1. kerri says:

    My meter lies to me in both ways–telling me my PF is low when I feel fine, or the opposite. I can feel like crap and my peak flow will be fine. Darn you, small airways clamping up and not the larger ones that actually affect peak flows.

    And, nope, don’t look sick ;)! One of my daycare kids accused me of being “sick” one day in the summer after one kid hugged me and asked me what was in my pocket and I had to explain the whole inhaler/asthma thing to two soon-to-be-first-graders and a third grader (very simply, mind you, for the sake of the younger ones!).

  2. I’m still waiting for the false impression high PEF reading. Any ideas-cough down the thing, maybe!

    ….thought you’d understand where I’m coming from here!

    • kerri says:

      LOL, I think that may be cheating ;).

      • wheezyheron says:

        Yep, I know the confusing PF thing too! Love your funky digital one…

        As for the looking ill – who came up with the whole “you’re only ill if you’re pale” thing. The worse my sinuses flare, the more like a tomato I look 🙂

        I’m amazed anyone would make comments like that when you’re wearing o2 though. crazy people…

  3. Cheating…..oh….and I thought it was just being a little economical with the truth! ((You mean to say you’ve never moved the slider up a little bit when your doc wasn’t watching!))

  4. Karen says:

    Hi…My name is Karen and I have severe chronic persistant asthma, with COPD and my airways collapse, and I am diabetic. I know what you mean about being stared at in public, etc. I have to wear my oxygen pretty much 24/7, and getting stares is horrible, but the ones that get me is when the little kids stare at you and they don’t understand..’
    I sure would like too chat with you and the rest of the asthma friends, I have been reading Steve blog, for awhile and he is awesome guy,
    You can contact me at karencaseym@aol.com

  5. Hi! I’m Madi. AKA The Asthma Girl. I have many of the same issues you do: horrible asthma, being GF, etc. I totally understand the whole “You don’t look sick” thing. People can be so ignorant. Sometimes it is just easier to let them think I am faking it then to explain my condition. Hope to talk to you soon! 🙂

  6. Hi karen
    Hi Madi

    Nice to see you guys over here!

    Enjoy the read and comment away! Do either of you have blogs?


    • Karen says:

      I have been thinking about starting a blog, just don’t know if I have enough exciting things to write about. I live a very boring life….which blog site is the best one to use? blogspot, livejournal or wordpress?

      thanks Karen

  7. Olive says:

    My pf lies all the time. I sure of it. I think it does it to trick me.

    I know exactly what you mean about not looking sick. I think somewhere on my blog i have a post about invisible illness and not looking sick. I will go and have a look when I ahve more time. It gets so frustrating. Sometimes i cant be bothered explianing it all. as when you say its asthma everyone is like oh its only asthma nothing to worry about. if they had asthma like us they would think differently. so many people think it is a blue puffer disease!!!

    take care today. I off to the drs as got a chest infection and then off to placement. hope your well.


  8. Hugs, Olive,

    I hope your chest infection gets the right anti b’s and you feel better quickly.

    I remember reading various things during Invisible Illness week……I look forward to it in 2010!

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