(Medicinal) Marmalade, Medical Mystery & Myopathic Muscles!

J wants me to add some Whiskey to a jar or two….

…for medicinal purposes, of course!

If you follow me on Twitter (@cosky) I apologise for a bit of duplication here and there!

I didn’t even use to be able to eat marmalade, due to a diagnosis of GERD that appeared in 2005. But since I’ve been on Nexium twice a day, I’m now giving Paddington Bear a run for his money!

My Great Grandmother’s Jam saucepan weighs a tonne. Not joking this thing holds 16 pints! But I am so lucky to have it in my possession and it makes the whole marmalade making experience even more fun.

And just as I was starting out boiling up the fruits for an hour, my GP’s surgery rang with the results of last Monday’s blood test. Some good news is that my serum Potassium level is now on the bottom rung of the ladder at 3.2, so up from the worrying 2.6.( I am going to continue on the Slow-K for a while longer and we’ll check it again in a couple of weeks.)

But here comes the medical mystery…..my doctor asked me if I was feeling particularly weak at the moment. Hmm, well, I haven’t got a bionic amount of energy, but that is part of my illness. Or rather, this is me! So I questioned her question and she proceeded to tell me that my Creatinine level was low (39-it should be 60+) and this was the kind of level one would expect to find in an elderly person with muscle loss. Hence she had asked me if I was feeling weak.

It is true that I do have muscle loss. Termed ‘Steroid Myopathy’-ie when I am on high doses of prednisolone my muscles start to waste and I feel very tired-one reason why it is so important to keep up my daily swimming-not just for my lungs but also for my legs.

Back to the cooking process…..Therefore after that phone call and after the marmalade had boiled away for an hour, I did the chopping and de pipping and muslin bag bit, although I used a pop sock (LOL) and went for my swim. Yes, I was feeling quite fatigued and my lungs were a little claggy after being in a steamy kitchen with boiling oranges for the past hour.

I got back in time for Mum and Dad to arrive with their ‘.com’ delivery of the jam jars and stem ginger (again medicinal, for my tummy!) to be able to add the sugar and finish off the setting process. I was feeling pretty tired suddenly and I did try to lift the cauldron. Pathetically, my right hand cramped up and spasmed painfully, so in necessity I passed this action over to my Mum!

Between us we chatted, laughed, giggled, and I coughed and got quite SOB, but we filled those jars……..

……. and made a good batch of really yummy marmalade

When J comes home I will let him claim at least one to add some of his beloved Jack Daniels to. Purely for medicinal purposes of course!

And when Dr Sarah has finished her hard week, I will cogitate with her about my low Creatinine level-apparently also due to extremely healthy kidneys. Wow! there is a bit of me that works really well!

But where’s the musical link in all of this?

Well, last week, a talented Yr 12 pupil of mine brought me in a jar of her Mum’s wonderful orange marmalade, and tomorrow I will be able to reciprocate. So Emz, if you’re reading, how about a little….

….Marmalade and Mozart  in the morning?


2 Responses to (Medicinal) Marmalade, Medical Mystery & Myopathic Muscles!

  1. Amy says:

    So are they looking for an answer on your creatinine levels or will it remain a mystery?

    Almost as important, that marmalade sounds/looks delicious! I love citrus w/ginger, and the ONE time I tried to make meyer lemon marmalade, I failed miserably.

  2. Hi Amy,

    I’m not sure where we’ll lead with the creatinine mystery. If I didn’t know I was low in it and it doesn’t bother me, I’d sooner carry on being normal me.
    If it means eat a few more creatinine rich/inducing foods then I will.

    But if it’s due to my being a scrawny chicken with little muscle tone, then I’ll prob not be able to change in to Hulk overnight!

    I wonder why your Meyer lemon marmalade went wrong? It’ only be the same method and taste as what I just made!

    If you want me to write instructions out for you-just ask me!

    Hope the AG is going ok!

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