Blog ‘Food’: Inhaler Insanity!

My guestimate was that I had a dozen brand new ones in the cupboard….

…but I over estimated as there were only 11 when I counted!

I’d responded to a thread over on Kerri’s Blog about how I only get real Ventolins, and reckoned I probably had a dozen new ones at the time. So, being short of puff anyway, and lacking in general umph and brain power to write my blog, I checked!

Now, if I was more architectually minded, I could build Stonehenge

But no, the Ancient Britons got there first!

If I was good at playing table top games…

…I guess I could line them all up and topple them like dominoes!

But as I’m a musician and just for pretty picture purposes, I’ll arrange them on my Yamaha Clavinova!

(Beats me why the Pharmacist stuck the labels on differently on those top two!)

So why do I have such a stockpile of salbutamol then? Well it’s fairly straightforward. I get 2 a month from my GP and 2 a month from my hospital. That’s just sacred. If I said I had enough then they’d start querying non-compliance. It’s just how they work over here! I use up 3 a month, on average, yes use up, not lose or have expire on me. Anyway, I do end up with some left overs. But therefore I am able to be free with them. Every coat, bag, car, drawer, bathroom, friends and relatives house, my school desk, my home desk, my swimming bag, my locker….they all have a ventolin deposited in them so I am never without one to hand, and lest I should be, heck knows. I’m a severe asthmatic. 10-20 puffs-the equivalent of  a neb will just about clobber the ensuing flare. Or at least  help me enough until I can get myself to my neb.

I always use them up in date order, I routinely check the expiry on the ones I’m using. And yes I do get caught out from time to time without one. Recently I went to the post box. Burst of icy air. The one in my car was empty. Fail. We were in a restaurant. I started coughing. Different handbag, no puffer. Fail-(sent J to the car that time!)

So it’s not that I have inhaler insanity. If I counted them all up in my house and possessions I would probably find 20 more on the go! I’m a heavy ventolin user, I need a lot I use a lot! Therefore perhaps I should have titled this Blog Food (and I’m sorry it’s a day late),” Inhaler Sanity”, then you could all respond with…

…Gee you’re so organised!


7 Responses to Blog ‘Food’: Inhaler Insanity!

  1. Steve says:

    Can’t have too much Ventolin!

  2. Olive says:


    I have a stash of ventolin too. I got confused on Kerri’s blog about all the different types of salbutamol i jsut get the ventolin like you have in the photos when i get mdi ones. I used to have the old diskhaler. I thought it was great fun when i was younger with the little brush. I now have the mdi ventolin.

    I am like you have them stock piled everywhere, under my pillow, bathroom, tv room, car, golf bag, bag i take to uni, pockets of jackets. everywhere i think.

    I go through loads too. Think about 2 or 3 a month and then boxes of nebs too!!!

    Olive x

  3. kerri says:

    Sheesh, and I thought I had a lot with my three backups (excluding the gross apo-salvent inhaler that I will never use). I’m on the real Ventolin train now, too.

    I’m with Steve–can’t have too many!

  4. wheezyheron says:

    I like the ones lined up on the piano keys best… very artistic.

  5. Elisheva says:

    Oh gosh, I’ve never seen so many Ventolins before outside of a pharmacy. The most I’ve ever had laying around is 5 or so. And I can never use them all up before they expire.

  6. Elisheva,

    The fact that you don’t use them up before they expire is a very GOOD thing!


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