12 of 12

So here I find myself blogging my 1st attempt at a 12 of 12…

…and I sure didn’t find it easy. I’ve had  a bit of an awkward week with a large workload these last few days and some slightly iffy lung time because I’ve been a bit coldy, throaty and even more coughy than usual.

But anyway. The following 12 pictures are a testament to things that have been in my life today, for whatever reasons!

1) I woke up before the alarm, at unGodly o’clock

2) I then proceeded to wake myself (and probably J) up, by making some freshly squeezed orange juice

3) I left for school wearing my CAT boots as is it still icy and cold here in Londinium

4) Arriving at school early (as it was a Friday and we start earlier than usual), the gates were actually behaving themselves and opened first time for me with my special hoofer doofer gate opener!

5) I unlocked the cupboard where scootie is kept overnight and rode off to my teaching room, dumping him as usual by my desk then began sorting out my teaching for the day (excuse the mess around my desk!)

6) One of my Colleagues wanted to do her Tabla lesson today so together we counted up how many drums there were to use.

7) I then had a really good rehearsal with my student Flautist. The only thing is, the underfloor heating in my music room has started playing havoc with all the pianos and my beautiful Blüthner has developed some terrible tuning issues and a sticky top G.

8 ) It got to lunchtime, earlier than usual, being a Friday, and I popped home (5 minutes in the car) to have my usual neb and take a little bit of time out to a) feed my Robin…

9) and b) water my Christmas Amarylis plant

10) I got back to school before 1pm and my colleague asked me to help her type an evaluation for a class in the afternoon. Only thing was, this meant me using a dreaded…..Stinkpad! Sigh!

11) After a good hand wash, seeing as I had been using a communal (yeuch) laptop, my eye caught one of the many Swine Flu signs around school. Even though we have now downgraded the emergency, I’m such a germophobe that I still remind everybody to wash before and after using class equipment!

12) And seeing as it was Half Term today, and I had a really nice last class this afternoon, I decided that it would be a cool thing to all have a lolly to suck during my final 28 minute DVD presentation. My plan worked-it shut them up and I didn’t haven’t to sound like a parrot saying ssssh!

Good old Costco lollies never fail to please!

And I’m totally shattered and am starting my Half Term NOW by being…

…in bed at 6pm!


19 Responses to 12 of 12

  1. kerri says:

    Love it!!! Are you going to take on the challenge again next month?
    The first few are tough, I know. But, the 12th has totally become one of my favourite days of the month!

    I LOVE that you made orange juice in the morning!! (Oranges and other citrusy stuff makes my face burn, so I stay away from them, but, SOOOO AWESOME!!)

    Also, I LOVE when teachers gave us candy :).

  2. Pete says:

    Welcome along to 12 of 12, thanks for putting in the effort I know we all really appreciate it.
    It’s nice to have another UK based 12’er too.

    Oh, and I like your pictures too, of course 🙂

  3. Jill says:

    It’s always cool to see new people joining the 12-of-12 – thanks for sharing your day!

    Your Robin feeder inspired me to go to my local feed store to see if I can get one for my window. 🙂

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Thanks-have a great day today, yourself!
      We’ve trained that particular Robin since last summer when he was our baby one. He will sit on the arm of the bench right next to me and clearly thinks I am his Mummy now!

  4. b says:

    “Costco! Ba da ba da Costco! Where the tired tempest-tossed go to find what they lack!” Sorry…it’s a Pavlovian response. I see the word I launch into a cut song from my favorite musical (“next to normal”). 🙂

    Great pictures!!! It’s icy and gross in NYC too.

  5. Chris says:

    Welcome to the 12!

    Y’know, I don’t think you can be too careful when you work with students — I work at a Uni, and I think we may be keeping Purell in business singlehandedly!

    I’m also quite impressed that you can work with students and drums. Sounds like a recipe for a headache!

    • …..yep, I sure don’t do drumming when my head is pounding-and yep, I wipe them down with alcohol wipes from time to time.

      And apparently we’re all getting sick because we’re too clean! Sigh!

  6. Sunny says:

    Hi, and welcome to 12 of 12. You did a great job. Your orange juice makes me thirsty for fresh, and the flower is beautiful. Hope to see you again next month

    • Thanks, Sunny-and what a great name too!

      I make fresh juice from time to time when we are both feeling mid-winter coldy, run down and like we’re in need of a burst of sunshine flavour in the morning!

      The flower is an Amarylis. It is a huge bulb with a single thick stem and five enormous trumpet flowers at the top! I planted the bulb on Christmas Day and it is now in full bloom!

  7. Bill says:

    Welcome to the ’12.
    Nice job on your 1st one!

  8. Thanks, Bill.

    Next month I’ll try and remember to include the times I took the photos. The iPhone has it’s limits here!

  9. Welcome to 12 of 12! Hope you enjoyed it – it was great to see what your day was like, with the music and teaching. See you next month! 😀

  10. Elisheva says:

    I love the drums! 🙂

  11. Dan says:

    Welcome to 12 of 12 and you did a great job. Thanks for sharing your day and your photos. I really liked the one of all the drums, there was just something so interesting to me about it.

    • Gosh these drums really have got people excited! They’re only a bunch of old Tabla! However it may not be possible to teach a world music drumming class every 12th of the month!
      I do African drumming in the Autumn so around the 12th of September I could photograph a whole lot of school Djembes!

      Glad you enjoyed my day. Looking forward to March’s efforts!

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