A Moaning Muscle! (Updated!)

I can’t believe I am moaning about something as trivial as a pulled muscle…

…but I have been in agony since 7am Saturday morning with this particular one!

Unfortunately due to the nature of my skinniness and general weakness due to long term illness and the steroids (snore) I do seem to pull more muscles than most!

Statistically we are supposed to suffer 67 muscle pulls and 137 common colds in the average life span. (Hello Mr Newspaper Editor, where do these stats get dreamt up!) But I can probably swap my 2 stats over and say I’ll no doubt pull a muscle 167 times before I meet those Pearly Gates!

What makes it even more infuriating for me, is that all I did at 7am yesterday morning was pick up a hairbrush to tidy my morning countenance, and there I was buckled in two, doubled up in excruciating pain having twinged something doing basically nothing! And it is still aggrieving me, 36 hours later!

I’ve been swimming twice, if only to reap the reward of a jacuzzi for my moaning muscle, and a sauna, again for said shoulder injury. The bit I seem to have pulled is in my back, to the left of my rather obvious spine and to the right of my sticky out scapula bit. Today, typing this I have some pain radiating down to my left elbow. I keep giving the area in my back a little massage, trying to release the build up of lactic acid, but nothing is as of yet bringing me any real relief. I am sure, from the experience of having this happen fairly regularly, it will all go off as quickly as it happened, but until then, I am continuing to apply these heat patches 8 hourly. I am now on my 4th patch!

I have also been sitting with my back against the above radiator too. I’ll end up with a burn at this rate!

Oh how throughly irksome it all is. I cannot cough, huff and clear my lungs properly at the moment as this silly niggling muscle is paining me too much. I am getting very gunky sitting doing not a lot except watching Vancouver 2010!

Never mind, I’ll probably end up booking an acupuncture session if it hasn’t sorted itself out in another 48 hrs. I can feel little mini spasms going on in it, still, so clearly I have a rather annoyed muscle in my midst!

Sorry to blog in such a negative frame here. I’m particualrly used to lung angst, and all associations of such issues, but this is just plain annoying…

…and painful!

1st Update: Tuesday 5pm…

I went for an Acupuncture session this afternoon as I have been driven half insane by this constant nagging screaming aching in my left upper back/shoulder region. The physio yesterday suggested it. He had taped it up, if only to help it in such a way that I could breathe better and relax the whole area a bit more, but I had to remove the tape shortly afterwards as it transpired I was allergic to the sticky stuff ! Itch scratch, no skin left!


…The Acupuncture Lady was brilliant-I’ve seen her before anyway for previous muscle pulls/injuries. It does hurt, never believe anybody who said it doesn’t. And the little needle pricks do bleed (well, mine did!). But my pain has now gone from ‘about as intense as it could be’ out of ten, to about three out of ten.

Hopefully the warmth from the-now dull ache-will continue to lessen and tomorrow I may wake up without feeling like I have a migraine in my shoulder!

…I tell you, it is eerily strange to have something medical going on that has superceded my current lung status!

…If you’ve been following this saga…

2nd Update: 18th February.

Yesterday’s Physio/Acupuncture session has revealed that the pain in my back muscle/shoulder area is actually being caused by an extremely tight muscle in the left side of my neck. This explains why I have been wearing my shoulder like an earring for these last few days. Paul, my Physio said it was an unbelievably tight muscle that he has done something great towards sorting out now,  albeit with the agony of 5 acupuncture needles stuck in my neck, and a whole lot of excruciating neck massage/manipulation.

I have a set of muscle releasing reps to do every 3 hrs (so I’ll do them while I neb!) and after 4 sessions at home I think it is at last loosening and lessening. Hallelujah!

3rd Update: 25th February

The diagnosis is that all the pain and spasm in my shoulder muscle area has been caused by my neck. The left side of which seems to be almost imoveable and really solid/stiff. So I’ve had a few sessions with my Physio for acupuncture and massage/manipulation. He says he can happily diagnose that I have arthritis in my neck and really, this had been coming on for a long time which is probably why it has been so painful to treat.

Verdict: I need to keep on doing the exercises he has given me, pretty much daily, for ever to try and keep my neck joint moving. If they seize up again, I’m just going to continue to get these excruciating muscle spasms.

…So now I know!


2 Responses to A Moaning Muscle! (Updated!)

  1. Steve says:

    You poor thing. Ive had a few of those and they’re not fun. If you lived closer Id offer you some of my “feel good” medicine 😉

  2. Danielle says:

    Let’s HOPE that does the trick!!! Feel better 🙂

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