Presents of the Pharmaceutical kind!

This morning the knock at the door brought me this delivery…

In fact, this little lot arrives almost like clockwork every 4 weeks. Yep! This is not some kind of belated Secret Santa, but my monthly prescription. The first task is always to untie these wretched bags: never an easy job with my sore eczema fingertips and shaky neb hands!

I generally then pile the whole lot up so I can go through it and check it is all there, and see if there are any ‘to follow’ notes included in the parcels. This morning I have realised there is no Pred-shame! I shall have to ring up for some more supplies on Monday.

In case you’re wondering why there is so much, I am prescribed a large quantity of high calorie food supplements in addition to my asthma, allergy and migraine meds. In the UK we have to be written up for items such as Ensure Plus, which in the USA you can simply buy OTC in Rite-Aid. I am under a specialist dietician as my daily calorie need is very high. Therefore as well as being on a GF diet (!) I am on a high calorie, high fat one. Every junk food lover’s mecca. But it’s the constant coughing and infections I get that are burning up more calories than I can easily consume, plus the fact that it is more ‘lung-friendly’ for me to drink than eat with my level of SOB.

Therefore, much of the bulk of my monthly prescription is the 60 Ensure Plus drinks, 30 Scandishake sachets, and the big boxes containing 32 sachets of Maxijul, another way of sprinkling 500 calories into my food and drink every day. I also use this wonderful stuff called Pro-Cal Shot. In hot milk, or yoghurt, or tea/coffee it is sweet and syrupy and one tiny 30ml ‘shot’ is the same calories as another packet of kettle chips. Easy, ha?

So these are my Medical drugs in their pretty boxes…

And seeing that photo, I am now despairing of how to fit the lot into my cupboard! Again, I apologise for the shaky nebby hands! I generally count out 2 weeks worth at a time immediately into my dosset boxes, that gets rid of half of the little boxes.

I’m almost right out of nebs too, so that supply will go down quite quickly if I continue to feel as constantly tight, and cough-y asthma-y as I seem to be at the moment.

Of course I shall continue to fight the lungs with the nebs and PEP therapy before I do anything about upping the Pred. I’m way to happy to be at my maintenance 10 mg again to simply take that way out.

I also feel that the irritation currently in my lungs is a direct throw back of the constant pain I have had in my shoulder and neck for the whole of the last week. So much so, that I may have been overcompensating with other respiratory muscles and now I’m in lung knots as well. Hey ho, that would be typical. But if it doesn’t sort itself  out by Monday, I’ll definitely be having to…

…order more Pred!

Postscript: It always amazes me when I see my pile of drugs, how much I have to take with me when we travel, and that I am going to have to pack 3/4 of them in a month to return to California. Heck, is there going to be any room for my clothes? [Good job United give me one ‘free medical’ bag in our baggage allowance]


7 Responses to Presents of the Pharmaceutical kind!

  1. Kerri says:

    Remember to get yourself one of those giant ziploc bags we tweeted about way back! 😉
    Packing all this would be a logistical nightmare–do I sense a pre-California packing post?

  2. Steve says:

    Between the 3 of us, we could open a full service drugstore!

  3. Natasha says:

    Wow, impressive collection. No wonder it gets delivered, poor Scooty’s wheels would collapse if he had to carry that lot.

  4. Elisheva says:

    oh wow… why is ensure Rx only?

    • Dunno, Elisheva,
      In the UK everything is on prescription! And it all has to be prescribed by a hospital dietician not a GP/PC doc.

      Crazy and complicated as ever!

      • Elisheva says:

        Israel is more annoying about prescriptions than the US and the reason I’ve always attributed that to is that healthcare is socialized here while in the US it is not. So the government wants to really make sure you need something before it has to pay for it for you. While in the US, it’s all privatized and drug companies try to get people to take drugs they don’t need.

        But that doesn’t answer the question about the ensures being Rx only. Interesting.

      • Well in the UK we have socialised medicine too. Hence probably while Ensures are prescription. The government has to know you really need it. The bottles are also marked “food for special medical purposes” so it’s not an OTC item like in the US!

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