A Load of Hot Air (again!)

A shortened version of this post appears at the bottom of Bellows at Bursting Point as a PostScript…

This feeling of airtrapping has continued to happen on practically every Wednesday I have been at school. The only week I have not felt so hyper-inflated by Wednesday evening was last week, half term, when I was not at school.

Yesterday, as per usual, so it seemed, my lungs were, by the evening, feeling like a barrel.

Yesterday I’d had a nasty afternoon of really feeling twitchy in my classroom and not being able to do anything major in the neb line to help it as I had back to back lessons. My classroom, was like a greenhouse, sultry, steamy, airless and quite debilitating for the pupils, imagine how I felt. School was followed by a staff meeting, moving from a very hot classroom into a cool hall. I put Scootie away and walked the 50 metres to my desk in the hall (luckily near the back) whereby I had a full blown coughing paroxysm followed by an asthma attack, which after about 6 puffs of Ventolin trying to fix me up, I though I’d better leave the room. (Best not to let people see me OD-ing!)

So, long boring, airless meeting over, I ‘rushed’ (sorry had to write that!) home, via another physio appointment… {Interesting having acupuncture in my neck whilst sitting up as I couldn’t have layed down with my crappy full of air lungs}

So my neck may be improving but the hyper-inflating isn’t.

Cooking, dinner, struggling to breathe all evening. Took myself off to bed to sleep (!) propped up on pillow mountain pretty upright at 9.30pm. Then at 3am I was awake and having a full blown nasty asthma attack. And I’ve been awake since then.

I feel slightly less barrel like now, but still over full, over stretched and uncomfortable. And I really need to swim today as I can feel myself getting out of condition. I’ve had a busy schedule this week, car, school etc!

…What is it about Wednesdays that does this to me?


2 Responses to A Load of Hot Air (again!)

  1. Elisheva says:

    Oh no! But Wednesdays are your favorite day! Feel better!

  2. Amy says:

    Sorry and hope things get closer to normal soon. 😦

    Given the severity of your asthma, how often do you end up sleeping upright?

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