12 of 12

March 12, 2010

So here is my 12 of 12 day for March 2010.

1) 5.15am. I made my Breakfast Scandishake and mixed in the Maxijul powder. 1,200 Calories of pure strawberry flavoured gloop down the hatch in one litre!

2) 7.30am. Was it dew or was it rain? Whatever the answer, our new car, Falcon, was wet, again. And the forecast was wrong as I thought it was supposed to be sunny in London.

3) 7.55am. The whole area is being dug up by the gas company repairing the mains. We are now surrounded by 4-Way stop light systems on every rat-run. Have to drive round the moon to avoid them and the notorious pot-holes in the roads.

4) 9.15am. In my room at school, preparing my Learning for Life, Pastoral period. Today’s topic was “Setting Expectations”.

5) 10am. We had a dressing up day for Charity today. Here is the money my Form raised. I counted it up: £50.50p Should have been over £60, but of course a few forgot, were absent, or chose not to participate. I was sponsored to not wear anything pink. I went to school dressed in purple-near enough!

6) 12.20pm Popped home for a quick 15 minutes at lunch time. Checked my flower tubs. Don’t think these will be needing our irrigation system running for a long time. There was an almighty downpour earlier.

7) 12.50pm Meanwhile back at the Alma Mater, another almighty downpour had the students running inside the building for shelter. This is the rather grey exterior of our Chapel with it’s Satanic sideways cross. I’ve never understood the point of that design!

8 ) 4.30pm I arrived home from School completely drained. J happened to be off today. A cup of tea and this beautiful bunch of flowers were waiting for me…..

9)…..and two packets of Biltong! The dear love went everywhere tying to get me Jerky, but only Costco sell it and that is an hour away. I have, as this picture shows, already eaten one packet of the Biltong!

10) 6.40pm Time for my pre dinner, evening nebs. I suppose no 12 of 12 would be safe from my showing what I take around this time every evening. It was my 4th Ventolin, 3rd Atrovent and 2nd Hypertonic Saline of the today. I’d had a hot steamy soak in the bath and was a bit too chesty for comfort!

11) 7.35pm En route to our favourite Chinese Restaurant to pick up our Take Out. Do you know there are more roads in the UK called High Street than any other name! This is the Sat Nav in our new Merc, Falcon. We both noticed the moon and stars in the night shot for the 1st time, tonight!

12) 8.10pm My main course Chinese feast! We’d already scoffed our way through Saucy Spare Ribs and a 1/4 duck pancakes, but this was a mixture of Susannah-safe, allergen free, Beef, (Thai style), sticky rice, broccoli with black bean sauce and steamed prawns with onion-very sweet, almost like an onion chutney.

And with all that yummy food in my tummy there is just time enough to say….

…that was my 12th of March in 12 pictures.

And I’m going to settle down to a well earned evening of TV and cuddles!

Night All!