The Blog is Back!

…I didn’t disappear, I’ve been talking to you all on Twitter!…

My Lung Life Lurgyiness and Manic Mozartian Musicness have just overtaken my ability to blog regularly. But people have been on at me to get back to blogging and so here goes!

This is the list of blogposts I should have written-invisible blog posts for the moment-until I do write them. And the plan is for you to pick what you would like me to write about-not so much Blog Food-more a Blog Recipe Book. Should help me get back on my blogging feet and for you to be filled in with the last 2+ month’s ‘life in the days of”

1) A Holiday with Oxygen. From flights to hotels. It’s complicated!

2) Desert Down Time-Sand Storms and Volcanic Ash clouds!

3) More Muscle Problems. This week’s struggle with a pulled muscle in my back and  in semi-spasm and lungs that griped in sympathy!

4) Fit to Fly? Charting my recent experience of Body Plethysmography, ABGs and the diagnosis.

5) Air Trapping or a load of Trapped Air?

6) Evil Pollen Particles and the ways I try to beat them!

7) Living with Coeliac. How to eat GF (or not) all too often in my case.

So come on, Guys, you’ve prodded me to get back in to it. I’m open to offers with what you want me to write about.

I’ll continue to update my swimming and lung stats and sidebar stuff and I’ll update my musical projects with what I’m rehearsing as well as what I’m teaching.

…it’s nice to be back!…


13 Responses to The Blog is Back!

  1. Becca says:

    Yay- you’re back! 😀

    The ABG one made me shudder, ouch! Number 6 sounds good- (and i love the description of pollen!) it’s always interesting to see what other’s do to beat the allergies 🙂


  2. Hi Becca-gee that was quick!
    OK so that’s one vote each for numbers 4 and 6 then!
    Sus xx

  3. Emz says:

    3,6 and 7 xP
    aaand all the musical updates!!Xx

  4. Ha ha, Emz-could have guessed you’d go for 3 and 7.
    But that’s two votes for the EPPs now!

    Hugs x

  5. mommato2beauties says:

    I’m fascinated by the whole “fit to fly” thing…I’m not aware of anything like that in the US. (I do carry scripts for all of M’s meds and her neb machine and such) Is it something new, or has it always been like that?

    I’m always up for a good pollen post too.

  6. Thanks-I’ll obviously be elaborating on the Fit to Fly topic. But the pollen is winning with 3 votes now!

  7. Elisheva says:

    Yay! I’m so happy to see you back Susannah! I missed you! 🙂 And I don’t have (and refuse to get) Twitter. So… it’s good to have you back.

    I’d go either with the Oxygen or Dust Storms. One I can’t identify with as I’ve never been on oxygen and the other I totally can.

  8. wheezyheron says:

    Good to have you back!
    I definitely want to hear about number 1, anything with flying is always good, so I guess the volcanic ash better get a look in too!

  9. Ladies, Ladies- so nice to have you back on here too!

    Elisheva, so you reckon you wont get Twitter? Just like I reckoned I would never blog. Yeah right! xx

    ‘Tasha, aargh to all things volcano-although this morning they’ve said it’s kinda of stopped erupting ash and is steaming gently now! xx

    Ok, so the tally is: Number 1 has two votes, and so (sort of) does number 2, and 4 and 7 have one vote each!

    The pollen is done. I guess I’ll do a flying one next then!

    Sus xx

    • Elisheva says:

      Well I did also say I wouldn’t get Facebook. And I wouldn’t get a blog. But so far I’m standing firm on this twitter thing. There’s just something I don’t like about being accessable by EVERYONE ALL the time. Since I was with my parents this entire past trip to the US and UK, I didn’t bother getting myself my own cellphone. And actually, it was nice! (That’s how Twitter works, doesn’t it? You’re sending SMSes to everyone all the time?)

      Are you excited about Eurovision coming up? 😀 I posted about it, but I got no comments. Seems I’m one of the only ESC fans I know… And those Americans and Canadians – they’re missing out big time! 😉

      • Point taken re Twitter. But if you don’t want to be public, lock yourself down and just tweet to a few!

        Can’t wait for the ESC. We are mad about it. Generally even make an afternoon out of it having a BBQ before it starts. And yes! I always vote! And I can still sing Norway’s entry from last year!! LOL!
        Oh and The United Kingdom are always crap. Even without the politcs we’re hopeless!

  10. kerri says:

    All of the above! But 1,2 and 4 are my top picks!
    And welcome back! I was so stoked when I got that tweet!!

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