E.T. is ours to stay!

….Very quickly….

Just had a long conversation with my Team, and the Airsep Freestyle Portable Oxygen Concentrator is now ours to stay. They were thrilled it is all working so well. Omitted to tell them the overbreathing alarm actually went off last night, but I must have been having a strange dream at that time, and I actually woke up with a migraine-but that was random and did not affect my SATS and figures this morning.

They are also sending me out the Backpack for it and a set of American voltage plugs as there is no need for me to keep the European ones I will never use!

We still need to keep a record of everything lungwise for me and notify them the second there is any change from this current magical green zoneness!

But otherwise, I’m all good to go!

Thanks for all the comments of support and messages of encouragement I have received. This has been quite  a big step to take, but as I’ve already posted, clearly the right one!

….E.T. is home!….


12 Responses to E.T. is ours to stay!

  1. wheezyheron says:

    Congratulations on the decision… so good to see all this green!

    (and good to have you back on the blogosphere… should do more myself!)

  2. Kerri says:

    Yay! Welcome home, ET!
    Enjoy the upcoming wild adventures you’ll have with ET, Sus! 🙂

  3. Elisheva says:

    “ET phone home…”

    May you use it in good health. I’m confused. Why do you need American plugs? And doesn’t the UK have different plugs than the US or Europe?

    • Thankyou- for sure my health is good when using it!
      I love that expression of yours!
      I hope this isn’t too waffly, but….
      We need American charger leads for the US to save us using socket adaptors. It was sent with extra European charger leads but we’re asking to exchange them for the extra US charger leads.
      We never travel to Europe!
      Britain has 3 pin sockets. They have an earth pin. The European sockets are 2 pin. No earth.
      The power transformer (110-240v) is built into the unit. But for travelling we need different leads!!
      You with me now. LOL!

      • Elisheva says:

        Yeah, when we went to the UK, my parents didn’t realize that the UK has different plugs than Israel (we have the standard European plug, I’m pretty sure), so they weren’t prepared.

        Why don’t you ever travel to Europe? It’s right there!

        “waffly”… mmmm…. waffles. I haven’t had those in a looooong time. I should find some. There’s a waffle bar in Jerusalem (it’s considered a foreign type food). I should try it 🙂

      • Europe-hmmm. We’re Yankophiles so Europe isn’t our thing. Very expensive for Europeans too. We’re not in the Euro, of course! Plus Europe doesn’t have Southern California in it.
        I last went to Europe in 1976. Yes 1976!
        But I’ve made over 100 trips backs to the US since!

      • Elisheva says:

        You like the good health thing or the ET thing? My mom always says the good health thing whenever we get anything new. But the translation into English is my doing. In Yiddish it’s “gazinterheit” – kinda like gezuntheit. Achoo!

      • I love that Good Health thing-is that a translation? I bet it sounds great in Hebrew.
        I used to teach in an Israeli school in London. I did learn a bit, like the Hatikva!

  4. Elisheva says:

    Sounds funny how you say you haven’t been to Europe since 76. The UK’s in Europe!! But yeah, I know what you mean. Mainland Europe. Tho it’s still weird you haven’t been there. London is very close to Paris. You could go there for the day and come home. Then again, I could go to Jordan for the day, but I’ve still never done it. Altho I keep meaning to!

    The good health thing is a translation from Yiddish. We use a decent amount of Yiddish my family, tho I’m nowhere near fluent in it.

    That’s AWESOME you worked in a Jewish school. I had no idea! Why didn’t I know that? I guess you were kind of like the non-Jewish teachers at the school I went to in the US. Over the years they learned about all the Jewish holidays and traditions and some of them picked up a decent amount of Hebrew slang as well. I always thought how it must be weird for them that their students were always going back and forth to a tiny country in the Middle East and could all speak the same foreign language. I always had the idea (as did other kids), that the school should organize a Christian mission to Israel for all the Christian teachers, and that the tour would be led by former students who now live here. I think that would be amazing and I would love to participate in something like that. Tho it never happened, and probably won’t ever, since it would cost a lot.

    Hatikva! Cool! Yeah, we sang that in my school in the US, and actually said the Pledge of Allegiance instead of singing the Star Spangled Banner, because the words were too hard. (And you said Harel Skaat’s Hebrew was unpronouncable. Hah hah. :P) I actually never learned all the words to the Star Spangled Banner, but I did teach myself Oh Canada and the first verse of God Save the Queen since they’re significantly simpler.

  5. You have never heard anything as bad as my words to the Hatikva-I was pretty good at Hannukah songs though!
    It was a great spell in my teaching career. I learned so much. My sister did her PhD in the Negev so it was kind of fitting I did a Jewish spell too!
    My friends were so kind and so genuine. We went to many interesting family meals on the various religious holidays-gee I’ve never had so many days off in term time-so many religious holidays!
    And all the rules-I got pretty good at most of them, but I was a shickser-if you pardon the slang, so I didn’t go to lots of the prayers.
    How funny you know our National Anthem.

    I used to tell my Jewish friends it was all the same God, we just choose different ways to worship him.

    As for Europe-it’s a long story! It can be as hard to get to many of the places, time and travel wise as to the US!
    Although, as far as a day trip to Paris goes-there are now definite possibilities with E.T., aren’t there?!-amazing to think that.
    Good talking to you x

  6. mommato2beauties says:

    It sounds excellent…I’m so happy for you.

    I have to tell you, I giggle to myself a little every time I read the name of your blog…because when I’m wheezing, I always say “my lungs are singing” When I nannied, the kids knew what wheezing was, and it freaked them out, so I would just say my lungs were singing. One day this year, I was a substitute teacher, and all of a sudden, my lungs seized, and I was wheezing, the kids (all either 11 or 12) thought I had brought a cat into the class, and it was meowing.

    Here’s hoping for continued green status!

    • That’s funny about the cat, but we laugh about such things when we can breathe, it would have been just rotten for you at the time. Kids are so amusing!
      I named my blog because it’s the two things that matter to me day to day-music and my lungs-oh and yes, you hit on the irony that it’s also how they sound!
      I enjoyed the green, all gone a tad too yellow now. But we can blame the hormones on that!

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