Horoscopes and Harnesses!

….I don’t often read my horoscope, but….

Incredibly, when I do, it seems to make some degree of sense. Call that a calling or whatever, as a Christian, I shouldn’t exactly be believing in what is very often an amount of guesswork and claptrap,(please don’t now shout at me for that comment!) but why then did my June horoscope in The Sunday Paper say “You need to begin monitoring your health condition better” Nothing but co-incidence, IMAO, but to think, barely a week ago I hardly blew a PF let alone whacked the pulse oximeter on my finger, and now I’m a daily pro keeping records to email my Docs, and knowing exactly how I have to administer my O2 prescription. Funny, eh?

We arrived back from the South coast in time to pick up my package from J’s Mum’s-we’d had it delivered there as we were out of town.

I now have the US leads for E.T. and a smart new backpack style carrybag, which is more like a glorified harness.

See what you think:

Lots of comfort straps, a handle a carry handle and the inside is nicely padded too.

There are many reasons for my using a backpack style bag when out and about.

  1. It will hang on the back of my Scootie at school easier
  2. I have a bad back!
  3. I already lean to one side-(mild scoliosis)
  4. I have been warned by my physio not to carry an uneven amount of weight on one shoulder as I’m already crooked and it squashes one lung.
  5. Carrying a weight on your back helps open up the lungs and pulls the shoulders back into alignment.
  6. It encourages good posture in a lunger-especially as I already hunch and lean forward when I’m struggling to breathe.

I can only think the bag for the Airsep Freestyle unit was designed by an older person who likes to wear a heavy handbag/purse on one shoulder and thinks backpacks are for the younger generation.

And what’s with all these old people pictures of O2 users. There are plenty of us younger generation people who need to use O2.

(That sentence was not meant to offend anybody!)

….But I feel like writing to Airsep and saying, ”hey please use a couple of kids, teens, or 20 somethings in your ads” It’s just that I feel rather left out as I’m not 70+ and grey haired or a COPDer….

(What do you reckon, shall I do it?!)


6 Responses to Horoscopes and Harnesses!

  1. kerri says:

    Okay the old people pictures make me mad too. So many medical supply websites have all kinds of pictures of old people doing nebs or whatever (or four year olds, y’know?). It likely has to do with willingness to advertise and target-markets and such. But what about the young people?

    (I would much rather young people be read as HIGHLY ATTRACTIVE MEN. Highly attractive SHIRTLESS man with a neb or a spacer in one hand and a soccer ball or something in the other. Because seriously? That would sell products I tell you. ;-).)

    Let’s start a movement of equal-age advertising in the medical field! And we will vote Wilford Brimley’s rep of Liberty Medical off the island. (However, he says diabetes funny. And I apologize to any of you reading who say diabeetus like him, but I think that’s hilarious.)

    */end rant 😉

    • Elisheva says:

      Hahahaha Kerri! TOTALLY with you ok that one! I’d take a handsome shirtless guy giving me an inhaler demo any day 🙂

      Sus, seriously you should contact the company. Tell them what you told us and offer to be in their next ads.

      Anyone but me ever see medical ads of demos and wonder if the people in them actually have the condition they’re talking about?

      • Exactly, Elisheva-
        They’re no doubt all actors.
        I quote
        “My COPD was so bad I could hardly blow out a candle on my Birthday cake”…..yeah, right-you seem fine enough now-well maybe that’s because you’ve discovered, Advair, Spiriva, or whatever-or maybe it’s because you’re an actor, LOL!

  2. Dia Beet USSS-you what!
    I know you guys pronounce kinda funny, but hey!

    I’m totally with you on the shirtless soccer playing man medical ads with a six pack of abs and beer too, no doubt!

    Love your rants! 😉

    • kerri says:

      Have you seen the Wilford Brimely diabeetus remix rap? Haha ;-).

      Yes! Six pack abs, six pack beer, maybe a surfboard and a hawt car too? Haha, we are SO going to change the world.

      Now I’m gonna go to bed before you realize it’s 2:30 am here and tell me to do so ;-).

  3. wheezytux says:

    Hey thats an awesome pack for your oxygen!!!!
    and yeh i think you should write to them because not everyone that has oxygen in a wrinklie!!!!! You could be in the advert showing off your fancy new opxygen thingy!!!!!
    take care x

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