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….So whilst I sit and wait for my blood results, I’ve knocked out a quick letter to Airsep….

As you will know, it narks me just more than slightly, that all the advertising for oxygen users and indeed, many other respiratory products, features old people. No offence to the worthy retired folk here who may be reading my blog but, hey! there are a whole bunch of severe lungers amongst us youngsters, and even though I may feel 101, I don’t look that wrinkled yet and have not got a grey hair on my head-yet!

I used the online ‘contact us’ part of the Airsep website

So here follows my little letter:

I am a young lady, aged early 40s and look much younger. I find that all the advertising from your company features older people, many being COPD patients or even actors, I suspect. I do not feel this gives a fair picture of the general oxygen user. All my clinic friends are young or younger than me and still using cylinder O2. I feel your company could open up it’s advertising to appeal to the younger respiratory patient too.

I would gladly offer myself to feature in your adverts. Perhaps it is important to step outside the norm here, I am a chronic asthmatic o2 user not an elderly COPDer. Some of my friends have PH or CF and they do not fit the norm for your advertising either.

I welcome your comments.

Many thanks,

Susannah Hunt, (London, UK)

(Chronic severe asthmatic: Oxygen user for 3 years)

….Any comments?….


11 Responses to Comments to Airsep

  1. snowymad says:

    looking good! should so be in their adverts!

    yeah…just say about…even teens who need o2 with severe asthma (dont know if you remember rachel graham?…in my year..left end of yr 11….her asthma has got so much worse apparently..)

    umm..say about your holidays and school with o2..
    good to say about opening up to a broader “market”….would attract many more people to the product if it wasnt just advertised for the older generation as this can put people the idea of “i dont want that…thats an old people (thing) eg.shirt, bag, jacket..”…also if was advertised with younger generations, could show how easy it is to carry about and take everywhere, knowing many people today like to carry as little as possible

    it says on the advert “are you ready to get back into the game”…well rather than showing an older man watching a game or whatever…why dont they show a much younger person being active and taking part in more energetic things..

    says “you’re free to go anywhere and do anything”…well why does it only show a woman in a car and a man holding a bag?…show something people will think wow!you can do that with this!..

    the shopping trolley and lady in the cafe thing is cool because thats showing normal everyday things you do…but i do agree there are too many people from the older generation ;D ….

    at the airport there is a young woman…but the person with oxygen is the old man getting his ticket….you should step in there and be in the ad!

    can you tell im at home on my own bored yet? ;D ;D LOL

    • Thanks so much sweetie. That’s all fab! Gosh poor RJ. If she’s in touch with you -put her onto me and my blog. I’ll help her out with a supportive ear!
      Thanks for your comments. Brilliant! Xx

  2. Steve says:

    Oddly enough, you never see older people being portrayed as asthmatics. Asthma is assumed to be a disease of the young and COPD a disease of the elderly.

    Thanks for setting them str8 🙂

  3. kerri says:

    I’m SO happy you wrote to them. AND I totally hope they put you and your young hip-ness all your adventures in their ads, that would be totally awesome!

  4. Elisheva says:

    Nice! I very much approve! Good job. I hope this letter gets results. And if you do go off and feature in their adverts – well, then we can all say we know someone famous.

    • Thanks, Elisheva.

      Seeing as the weekend is now almost over, I hope somebody does read in on Monday and I get some kind of reply.

      Oh and you know what-in blogland we are all famous! x

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