My Ears Were Blown Away!

….This poster, also, literally blew me away!….

“Nothing is more powerful than music.

In a single note it has the ability to make you laugh, cry, dance, even take you back to an exact moment in time”

I saw this poster at the Technology Show we went to yesterday afternoon. It grabbed me, for obvious reasons. And we went in to the little auditorium to have a demo of some fab new equipment (I think it was the JVC 950 projector system). It was superb-the black colours were amazing in the trailer, (we saw-Batman 2 The Dark Knight). And as for the sound system-my ears are still ringing and humming-vibrations right through my body-and even me making me cough like using a Flutter device!

So I was sitting there spell bound after the demo, and one of the Exhibitors came and asked me if I was ‘ok’ (‘Yes’) and was I ‘a CO2 Retainer’ (So I said, ‘Yes, kind of’!) And he continued to talk to me for a few minutes about his Mother who has to wear oxygen as she is a CO2 Retainer. Then he gave me a pat on the back and called me ‘love’. Eugh! I Hate That. It was a perfectly friendly and reasonable conversation until he started getting all “Poor You” about me. I repeat, Eugh! But it was still nice that somebody recognised the nose hose as a good and helpful thing. I try to think it is no worse than wearing glasses all the time (seeing as I have contacts!)

There were other fun things too, lots of freebies (See Day 15 of my Project 365), and lots of nibbles, drinks, demos and luckily for me, quiet areas to sit-and sneak a swift neb with my Omron pocket neb!

And I even got to stand next to The Stig, when he was watching a Panasonic 3D demo….dig Stig’s 3D glasses!!

All in all we had a thoroughly fun afternoon out in London, apart from the airless train ride home and our 2 lines being closed to due a worst case scenario (passenger under a train) so we had to detour round the moon and back, taking 2 hours!

….My legs were so crampy last night that I had to drink a whole litre bottle of  tonic water!….


2 Responses to My Ears Were Blown Away!

  1. Elisheva says:

    Cool futuristic stuff! I wanna try!

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