The Cavalry

….Ever piled all your nebuliser type equipment in to one place?….

Meet this severe lunger’s cavalry. A kind of respiratory hoard, comprising a mish mash of various sizes of nebs and mouthpieces (and masks in various drawers!), and of course, the newest member of the anti-asthma cavalry of equipment, my Personal Oxygen Concentrator. (Please Mr Airsep, would you read and maybe reply to my email of last week!)

For info, I have the following:

Medix World Traveller Nebuliser

Pari Turbo Boy S Travel Nebuliser

Omron Micro Air pocket Nebuliser

Airsep Freestyle Portable Oxygen Concentrator

I am happy to give advice to anybody being prescribed a home nebuliser, as to which I feel is the best for certain aspects of treatment. My favourite neb is the Medix World Traveller, or as J affectionately calls it, my “big, blue toilet!” It is a very fast and powerful compressor neb and has proved great for the hypertonic saline, which takes about 15 mins to neb through.

I also use a P.E.P. device attached to the mouthpieces, and mentioned in my meds page above, but that’s another post. You can see this device on the mouthpiece above on the right of the P.O.C.-it looks taller than the rest.

Don’t worry, not all that lot comes on holiday with me. These days the neb of choice I take is the Pari (Yellow submarine) one. And Baby Omron goes in my purse. But of course the P.O.C. will be coming everywhere with me now. However, I can remember the times I have passed through LHR with the big blue toilet in my carry-on bag! Heavy!

….Look Out!, lungs, the medical mist, it’s a-coming to beat you!


6 Responses to The Cavalry

  1. rick says:

    About 15 years ago I decided to save all my inhalers I used that year, and I ended up with a full garbage bag of just inhalers. It’s amazing how fast these asthma things add up.

  2. Sara C. says:

    I’m jealous of the Omron….I would LOVE a little neb that fits in a purse. I’m for SURE loving the Pari Trek. I feel like I collect (or desire) nebulizers like other people collect (and desire) handbags.

    • And if you’re like me, you’ll end up collecting bigger and bigger handbags in which to fit the neb machines and general clutter of asthma paraphernalia in!

      (ps the little omron is quite ok for little attacks but you really need a compresser neb for those humdingers. I find it doesn’t hit my hardcore attacks hard enough!)

      • Sara C. says:

        my girls yelled at me the other day, because my bag wouldn’t zip, due to the inhalers and the spacer…they MADE me go and buy a new one that was bigger.

        I was sure there was a downside to the tiny neb…is it an ultrasonic one? For some reason, (here, at least) docs discourage the ultrasonic nebs.

        I keep hoping the need to carry neb machines around will go away…however, her pulmo isn’t optimistic about that. At least, at some point…she’s be carrying her OWN crud around, and I can go back to a tiny little purse with my phone, wallet and my own little inhaler.

      • Yes it is ultrasonic. Which is why it doesn’t fit the bill when I’m really gasping. But it’s of great use in the movie theatre, church, on the bus- that kinda thing. It is totally silent!!
        LOL heaps at your handbag situation!!

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