Perceptions and Pain

….I am not very good at perceiving when I am really getting sick….

Since the Wedding last Saturday, I have been suffering from a bout of severe lung pain, almost entirely on the right side, and through the week it has been becoming gradually more intolerable. By Wednesday I was pretty much in agony-it really hit me on Wednesday evening that I probably shouldn’t be ignoring it any more-although it took me until Friday afternoon to go to the Emergency Care Centre and get it x-rayed in case I had a small pneumothorax developing. I have never forgotten the Doctor who told me I was at risk of them due to the fact that I am tall and skinny as well as with my type of lung condition.

But even then I didn’t entirely give in of my own accord. It was obvious something was up as my results and daily stats (that I show in my RH Sidebar), were basically, in my boots. I had at least whacked up the Pred to try and rescue my ensuing splat, or flare as we like to say here. But I ran my thoughts past Steve, our epic guru and asthma God and he said I needed to be checked out because, and I quote, “it wasn’t usual for asthmatics to feel so much pain“. But there we have it in another nutshell. I am not a usual asthmatic. Who here is!

So it comes to my thoughts about perception. And I do hope Steve will put up a post that explains things his way-I have very poor perception of when my illness is radically taking a turn for the worst. I am not sure why. Is there a stigma, is there an embarrassment factor in this? I am usually the last person who will give in and let me be seen in the ER or A&E. I always think I know best and my numbers, however low they may seem, do not always register in body with my lungs feeling that totally terrible. I didn’t really feel as bad as red zone when I went to school on Friday-but I did by 2pm!

But now that I do know there is or was a reason for my rapid flare from Wednesday evening to Friday, as I’ve been diagnosed with Pleurisy. It is about as painful as having the fires of hell burning in the side of your lungs with a ripping, rasping, sandpapery feel to them, every movement has been hurting like a sore pinch and as for a cough or even a wheeze, no wonder my stats were so low I simply was in too much pain to breathe  much at all, let alone properly. I’m still being treated for a severe asthma attack too, bucket loads of Pred and 2 hourly nebs, but the truck load of antibiotics I am taking for the Pleurisy are sure helping quickly. Praise the Lord indeed!

….I fully intend to be feeling totally better by school on Wednesday. And I am dying to swim again!….


4 Responses to Perceptions and Pain

  1. Emz says:

    Hope you do feel better!but if not…cow Howe will have to grant you time off!
    Hope the pain begins to ease and the meds kick in fast!
    Lol..well you know about me and avoiding GPs when I’m ill hahaha..
    Relax relax relax relax 😀
    emz Xx

  2. Thanks Emz-ugh! That woman. And I’ll defo be there on Wednesday. You know my philosophy about never missing a day! xx

  3. Simi says:

    hope you feel better soon!

    • Thanks Simi-it’s been a week now but the pain is much decreased and I’m hoping to halve the antib’s on Friday. I’m taking them for a precaution even though this is likely a virus, just in case! x

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