My Daily Air Alerts!

….At approximately 6pm every evening my iPhone beeps….

I subscribe to a free service for people suffering from severe lung disease, called ‘airTEXT, your air for London’. I was introduced to the scheme by my Team of hospital doctors. At about 6pm every evening I receive a text to say what the following day’s air is going to be like, pollen or pollution-wise.

Last night I received this text:

MODERATE air pollution forecast for THURSDAY

Health effects are unlikely to require action.

If unwell, contact GP.

I have often received texts warning of HIGH Air Pollution, and the advice is to ‘Consider reducing exposure by spending less time outdoors’. I do usually ‘twig’ what the air is going to be like pretty much before the text comes through-as by the start of the evening pollen ‘fall-out’, I am suffering! Needless to say, I think this is a great free service. From time to time I receive questionnaires in the post, to help with their research but I think it is a fantastic scheme.

I remember my childhood,  living in Pasadena, California, and frequently having Stage 1, 2, or 3 smog alerts!

….Those were the days of the LA Pea-Soupers!….


4 Responses to My Daily Air Alerts!

  1. Elisheva says:

    London seems like a city to me that would have yucky air a lot of the time, from all that humidity and pollution, eh?

    • Yes-in theory-very true-except like all major cities we have pockets of polluted areas-so I know where not to live/go/visit/work etc. We live in the north west of the city-about half an hour from the shopping areas. Our micro climate is damper-my parents live 30 miles south of us-still in London and their micro climate is a few degrees hotter and drier-their plants are always ahead of ours in the growing season. It is quite fascinating. I had terrible problems through my college years when I had to travel to the polluted square mile of the city every day. Since then, London has been made largely car free in many of these heavy traffic areas. I expect your experience of US and Israeli cities is more or less the same.

      • Elisheva says:

        Yep, I noticed that in London actually. People who have cars still take the tube to the center of town because it just makes more sense that way. The tube is quite convinient and there are places where parking or even driving your car are crazy expensive or not allowed. (I’m a fan of the London Underground 🙂 – It’s just very expensive!)

        From my own experiences in London, I don’t remember the air being overly disgusting actually. Two times ago when I was there, breathing was pretty uncomfortable and I was having some issues breathing. But I think that was more hormone related than anything else.

  2. plancha says:


    […]My Daily Air Alerts! « My Musical Lungs[…]…

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