The Heat is ON!

….And so is our Air Conditioning and the Irrigation system….

We do not experience such hot spells of weather very often in the UK. Global Warming, or rather, Climate Change has affected us differently-more that we get a year long mish mash of temperate weather. So the coldest, snowiest UK winter on record has been followed by what is showing all signs of being a boiling summer. We are officially in a drought now-with no measurable rain for 3 months.

And, being British, we all like to complain about the weather. Every time I look at FB, I see copious numbers of my friends’ updates mentioning ‘it’s too hot’, ‘it’s too humid’, ‘who stole the air’ (guilty for that, I’m sure) and others.

And of course, most of my friends have lung issues of varying degrees and we are all affected differently by the various weather and air conditions.

I for one have wet lungs, and therefore love dry desert heat. I need my daily 5 minutes in a sauna. I love the heat we are currently having but find the pollen, humidity and pollution of living outside of London affecting me badly. But in order to get animated during the current World Cup and Wimbledon matches, I am needing to wear my O2 at rest-because I am almost leaping off the sofa sometimes, and any amount of activity in this hot, airless environment has me gasping!

Others of my friends are moaning so much about our current summer, but then, they also moaned during the winter. We’re British, we moan about the weather-didn’t I already say that?

I have a good friend who loves humidity for her lungs-she goes in the steam room at her club and enjoys Florida holidays-but that would finish me off. It is sad to think I can never go to The Everglades again.

It is too humid in London and my one saving grace is the shade of our cool sunken patio or being able to retreat inside to our air conditioned bedroom.

And so far this Wimbledon they have not had to close the roof over Centre Court for rain. And my school are allowing pupils to leave their Blazers at home and arrive in their shirt sleeves. And we have already had it put to us that if the temperature is above a certain 30C/85F we will cancel Sports Day. Well, it’s supposed to be 30C/85F this Thursday actually! And Sports Day is still 3 weeks away.

Unfortunately though, my £21 million new school campus has windows that don’t open and CO2 vents that still don’t seem to work properly and the worst air con you’ve ever experienced. so I am better off in my at home air, although I do love my job. If it wasn’t for the fact that I have my own oxygen supply permanently on these days at school, I’d really be wilting and even more SOB.

Dear Brits, we get such awful summer weather usually, please try and enjoy this and stop moaning, for once.

Celebrate the sun and it’s healing love and warmth, and be happy about it!

Thank You!

And it’s not just the heat inside and out, it’s the dryness of the ground and gardens. Luckily back in 2003 we installed front and back garden irrigation for ourselves and both of our families have it too. But I am now needing to run it manually as well as on auto, and need to get the sprinklers going on our dried up lawns. Hose pipe bans here we come. Will this be another 1976 when Hyde Park resembled the Gobi desert?

….I dread to think what our electric and water bills are going to be this quarter!….


4 Responses to The Heat is ON!

  1. Emz says:

    School is horribly hot!!but I haven’t been down the music dept so couldn’t say about that!
    I’m not in tomorrow so good luck with the dept!hope it’s not too bad!Xx

  2. Amy says:

    Whew! Take care of yourself, Susannah.
    I read that part about canceling Sports Day if it’s 85F and thought, “wimps.” (I’m assuming it’s like Field Day in U.S. schools? Outside sports and games all day instead of regular lessons?)

    But I lived in FL for 20 years where, if stuff got canceled once the temps hit 85, nothing would ever get done! 🙂

    Of course, I just spent my first full winter in snowy Colorado. I love the cold, but I can tell you I was WAY more bundled up than the natives here.

    I’m with you on the dry air, though. I’ll take it over high humidity any day of the week, and I don’t even HAVE irritable lungs.

    • Hi Amy, I am not defending our nation of wimps one bit-but I think it is worth knowing that the Brits who are not used to the heat have very different blood. Our blood is thicker and our bodies are less able to cool themselves.
      However, my years of constant travelling to the heat of the Mid Western US and SoCal means I am much more acclimatised. I guess my body and blood have learned to cope with it. Many of my kids are wilting at school in this weather. But it is not the actual heat but the lack of being able to breathe, in the air we have here that get to me!

  3. Elisheva says:

    Wow. It’s crazy how different people’s lungs like different things, eh? Happy summer!

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