Not those Forms Again?!

….Do you remember all the fun and games I wrote about here?….

Well, it’s getting towards that time again, and yesterday I started the ball rolling by filling in these forms and taking them to my GP to sign.

It should be fairly routine by now for her as well as for me, and I have recently redone all the tests too! But last trip, in April, when I supplied her with the form (only one then) in March, she  accidentally lost it! And a week before we were due to fly, we had to hurriedly redo it and drop her in another one. I remember my series of Tweets regarding J saying he was not going to leave the surgery until he had the afore said signed and completed form in his hand, and was willing to stage a sit in!

So yesterday he dropped them in again, and the receptionist recognised him! And there were various amusing remarks between the two of them about not losing it this time, and ‘do you think we could have these back sooner rather than later, this time!?’ To which she replied ‘Don’t worry, I’ll put them in the proper place this time, and I’ll enter it on the Dr’s spreadsheet so she knows to hurry up and sign them!’ We wait patiently!

And if you think I am being cheeky and asking my GP a favour, I will enlighten you that her signature in two places on two forms is about to cost me £40, I could even work it out how much a letter if you like, as although she is Polish her name is no more long than complex!

This trip and from now on, there will be two forms, enough to confuse my single blonde brain cell, but I am sure she’ll cope. I now how to have documentation to cover my carriage and use of a POC. Two of our flights are so short they don’t supply airline O2, so it’s a good job I now have my little E.T.

I just hope I get my completed forms back sooner rather than later, it’s always a huge weight off my mind, that and getting all the drugs ordered and packed, and I did that this week too-well, phoned my pharmacist, not sorted or packed….yet! I still have over 2 weeks of school to get through anyway, this trip is not entirely imminent!

….The summer is a busy enough time to fly, even without all these added complications to pre-arrange!….


5 Responses to Not those Forms Again?!

  1. kerri says:

    AGAIN? Sheesh! But, I guess, once you get to your destination, all the silly forms and mishaps are worth it!

    And . . . did you say J has twitter?! ;D If so, that’s awesome!

    • Oh yes, Jim, one of my severe lung buddies in the US has told me to get the Doc to write “good for one year” on the forms this time, so that oughta cover me for future trips up to next summer-we’ll see-the last thing I want is United losing my info! x

  2. It will all be worth it-for sure! ((No, not tweeting with J but Tweeting about J!))
    He’s not allowed to be on any of those-but we do use pingchat! ever tried it? Its like free text messaging!

    How’s you?-big fat rain drops just starting here-unbelievable!

    • kerri says:

      Ooh, I’ve never heard of pingchat, but I do use text plus from time to time on the iPod. I have unlimited texting anyways though lol. Why isn’t J allowed on twitter?? Lol 🙂

      I’m good, staying up way too late again xD.

      • I had a look at the Textplus app. It is very high tech compared with Pingchat which is basically just a free message app from iphone to iphone. Text plus seems to require wifi which kind of rules it out for me in the US as I have to switch off all my data roaming and just rely on 3G. I tend to not really use free public wifi either-for safety reasons….x

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