12 of 12: July

….Today is a typical 12 of 12 day for me. No wedding this month-I can’t believe they’ve now been married exactly a calendar month, and no School for me either, as I don’t work today, so  just a mundane Monday with my car service thrown in….

1) I woke up in a more comfortable Zone-truly GREEN but that followed on from quite a nasty asthma attack yesterday evening. I think the adrenaline of last night’s World Cup Final contributed to my recovery around 10pm when Spain and the Octopus won!

2) As I said, this is a Mundane Monday 12 of 12, and today happens to be our weekly rubbish collection. It is 7am, and it has already all gone. So even though it looks a mess when put out, we don’t have to stare at it on the drive for too long!

3) With Julian working a Night shift all week, I have to try and get lots of the jobs done before he comes home and goes to bed. It sort of shifts my day too as I find myself preparing all the food and meals before I’ve even had my breakfast. I box his up for him and he takes it to work and  eats it in the middle of the night, which is in effect his meal time. Today it is chili con carne and salad.

4) And this is my finished salad-which I will plonk a carton of cottage cheese on top and have a baked potato and beans with!

5) My non mundane task today is to take Falcon (our big merc) in for his service. I’m not waiting around for him-it makes the day too long and stressful especially as I wasn’t well last night and I’ll be doing this on my own. I have to drive him over to Mercedes Benz world at Brooklands in Weybridge. But they’re loaning me another merc and I’ll drive back tomorrow to pick him up. This is the pile of stuff I have emptied from his boot and my door pocket!

6) So I drove round the M25, the 23 miles to MBW in order to drop off my car

7) I know you can’t see it in this picture, but I love the way the silver star revolves on the top of the building

8  ) Having returned home in a round trip of exactly 2 hours, it looks very strange to see a silver car the same as Falcon sitting on our driveway. Maybe this one is a Pigeon!

9) I went for my swim to destress and give my lungs their gentle and necessary work out. It was quite cool in the pool today.

10) In fact, I got so chilled swimming my kilometre, (40 lengths) that I spent a whole 6 minutes in the desert like dry sauna warming up afterwards!

11) So after some food and a bit of a rest back home, I did an inspection of my garden. It has almost been too hot to walk round my garden checking up on my vegetables these past few days, and I was astonished by the size of my pumpkin patch….

12)….and the fact that in the tubs by the front door, which face south, I now have ripening tomatoes.

It’s been a profitable day. We’ve had some rain-just one shower, but enough to make puddles! And I am pleased the car has worked out to be straightforward, and I still managed to get my swim in! Must rest up now, whack the old O2 on, have a neb or two and settle down for an evening of TV and a crossword!

….All Photos were taken with my new, shiny iPhone 4G. If you’d like to read other 12 of 12’s, go to Chad Darnell’s Blog….


10 Responses to 12 of 12: July

  1. TJ says:

    I enjoyed your 12 of 12 photos The pictures came out good using your iPhone. I was going to try that this month as an experiment but chickened out at the last minute. Your garden looks very happy. I hope the merc doesn’t need much done to it. My other half also works night duty and I always have to change up how and what I do on a daily basis. but it’s okay it works for us. Anyway, thanks for sharing and see you next month…

    • Thanks TJ. I only ever use my iPhone. It’s just there in my pocket so I never miss a snap. Too much faffing around with Nikons and lens caps just frustrates me! The Merc is fine. Needs a silly software update on the automatic tail gate. Hilarious but big overnight job just to tweak the motor! Luckily its under warranty what a car!

  2. Isn’t it crazy how such a little job in the car requires such effort?

    It’s nice to have quiet days though, and I can understand the shifting perspective with time, when there’s a night shift involved – I pulled a few late night ones at UnI (working at the night club meant 9pm ish start and 2-3am finish). Very odd…

    But well done on the swim, and mmm – home made chili con carne…

    • The chili was good thanks-I’ve just made some chicken and rice thing for tonight, but picked a few little fresh beans off!
      Late shifts for J aren’t too bad-as he finished at midnight, it’s the whole nighter overnighters-7 in a row that are so gruelling.

      Thanks for stopping by here!

  3. Ursl says:

    Your salad looks good. Yummy!
    Your tomatoes look like mine. I´m looking forward to earning them.

    • Salad was srcrummy-thanks-glad you enjoyed it too! And I discovered another bush with some almost ripe tomatoes in the back garden that I hadn’t realised about, either.
      Guess I’m going to have to check them all daily now. So much is suddenly happening out there, isn’t it!

  4. Julie says:

    How exciting that you have tomatoes ripening. I love the smell of the tomatoe plant!

  5. Elisheva says:

    That’s so weird that J lives with you in your house but functions in a different timezone. What does he do for a living again?

    Yay pool!

    • He’s a technical engineering manager for the whole of the BBC television centre. It’s a 24/7 job split in 3 shifts. Aaargh. He never wears a watch either!

      Indeed. Yay pool! And yay sauna!! X

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