Elliott is snoring!

….I shot this little video of Elliott snoring this morning….

You met my newest member of the mounting anti-asthma cavalry , on here, yesterday, but I thought it would be cool to show him in action. Excuse my early morning lungs and grogginess!

….The sound of the bubbling is about to lull me to sleep now!….


6 Responses to Elliott is snoring!

  1. MC says:

    Oh, wow, he’s pretty quiet and peaceful sounding. Kind of like water flowing over rocks… I could fall asleep to that noise.
    I never imagined your voice like that… I always had it quite differently in my head!

    • Yes-bubbling water-sort of like a fish tank too!
      So how did you imagine me to sound? I am me, that’s all!
      Do I take that as a compliment, LOL! x

      • MC says:

        I don’t know. Certainly don’t take it the opposite of a compliment. I just had imagined your voice a little lower (maybe a couple notes lower, not quite a whole octave below), but that’s only my imagination. Hearing Kerri’s voice for the first time was quite a surprise too, and remember all the people who had pictured her in their head as taller than she is?

  2. mommato2beauties says:

    I love hearing people talk. I agree, it’s a soothing sound. My husband sleeps with a CPAP, and quite honestly, this would be better than the noise that makes.

    • Heck, didn’t know R had CPAP. They are the noisiest brutes around. I hate it when I’m on a ward in hospital next to a CPAP user-I never get any sleep! x

      • mommato2beauties says:

        For YEARS, I complained about his snoring, and I never slept, because I was always watching him sleep…when he would stop breathing, I’d count to 30, then kick him…I finally convinced him to go for a sleep study, and he had over 400 episodes, some lasting for a minute or more…it was no wonder that he was always tired, cranky and sick. He feels much better with it…but it’s a bear to sleep next to.

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