Asthma UK: Severe Asthma Report

….This is Fighting for Breath….

It is a report that was released just this week, on Thursday 15th July 2010. The report aims to reveal the hidden lives of people living with severe asthma and is published by the UK’s leading asthma charity, Asthma UK.

You can download and read it here.

I was asked to participate by their media/PR consultant, last weekend, but I ended up not getting my act together as they wanted quite detailed answers to a whole gamut of questions, and I wasn’t feeling very well with my own asthma last weekend, so missed contributing. However they have told me they would like me to contribute to their next report and the media/PR consultant will be in touch.

The questions they wanted me to answer were:

o Discrimination (had I experienced discrimination because of my asthma, for example from members of the public or healthcare professionals?)

o Services (am I getting the support I need to cope with my severe asthma – for example access to physiotherapy, counselling support, allergy services or care support?)

o Employment (am I able to work at the moment? Had I had problems with employers in the past because of my asthma?)

o Benefits (had I had problems finding out about benefits I was entitled to, or problems claiming?)

o Treatment by A&E staff or my GP/consultant (had I had any problems with NHS staff taking my asthma seriously / following my individual treatment protocol?)

o Education (had I experienced any problems at University or school because of my severe asthma? Did the Uni/school have an asthma policy and train staff on asthma?)

It’s a huge pity that I failed to get back in contact with them and never replied any further to their email. I feel I could have offered a lot on all of the above questions. Especially as my location in London makes it highly unlikely that I would be able to contribute to the SARP research, even though we travel to the US, but only to California and the studies are more or less on the east coast!

….Who knows, you may well read my name in print speaking out about this horrid illness, in the future….


2 Responses to Asthma UK: Severe Asthma Report

  1. Steve says:

    I wish we had an organization like this, here in the USA. I think they are providing an excellent service.

  2. I know, Steve. We are very lucky-but as you and I have always said-mind the forum!
    You’re just as welcome to join up, participate, contribute, read and write as an overseas resident as anybody else on this little island!

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