My School Year in Stats!

….I cannot quite contain my happiness and relief this morning!….

It seems this Academic year has flown by-and interestingly enough, when talking to colleagues yesterday, many of them agreed!

I also seem to have performed better than ever this year as far as my long term illness and frequent absence goes. There may be several reasons contributing to my now good attendance record, but none as important as the fact that this year, more than ever, I have loved my job. I’ve had a new Head of Department-the most amazing lady who has been a rock of support for me in every second of my days. I have also had a GTP (Trainee Teacher) working alongside me and teaching several of my classes from early on in the year, which has meant that my time table has been less than it would or should have been. She has not just been a superb young teacher in the making (she was passed with an ‘Outstanding’) but she has been the most immensely wonderful company and a true friend.

So to Sue, and Lyndsay, if either of you read this, may you both blush and burst with pride!

But of course, I have had my moments this year, too. I’ve been suffering from an increased amount of air trapping-weirdly and particularly on Wednesdays!. I managed to sprain my ankle way back in October, and hobbled around on crutches for 2 weeks. But the most marked improvement in my treatment has come this term since early June, when I was put on overnight and now all day oxygen. There is much truth in saying that at the time in the school year when I was most likely to be flagging at my worst, I was beginning to feel more rested after better nights’ sleep, and more energy and less SOB during the day. what an ingenious turn of events that turned out to be. (And I continue to be much more stable with my new oxygen regime)

Now for some stats!

I work 3 days a week: If I have 2 trips to the restroom and ride around on break duty etc, I probably scootie a km a day.

Therefore I have scootied approximately 123 kms around school this academic year!

In the 3 terms I have had a total of 3 days off sick. I have been given leave 3 times to attend hospital appointments. I have missed 3 days due to sources out of my control (that volcano!) and this term I have also missed two early morning meetings, and two 1st periods due to my asthma.

Not a bad record for someone who has a rather difficult to control asthma condition.

(But I don’t think I can attempt to count up how many migraines I’ve had-that is too depressing!)

People have noticed how happy I seem. Well, how could I not be-I have the most marvellous colleagues as mentioned above, and I love my job. I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved though, living with chronic illness isn’t easy and I’ve managed to clock up a better track record for illness than quite a number of my general colleagues!

….It’s been a great year, but Oh Boy! I am so glad I now have 5.5 weeks to recover!….


9 Responses to My School Year in Stats!

  1. My mother works as an Occupational Therapist in an elementary school (grades 1-5) and she wore a pedometer one day, and realized that she was walking almost 5 miles every day. (she should have a scootie…she has COPD and Pulmonary Fibrosis) It’s no wonder she is such a tiny slip of a thing.

    I’m glad you had a great year. It makes all the difference, when you love what you do.

    • That’s really interesting about your Mum. I got awarded a disability grant to have a scootie for school. Because the new campus is so vast, I couldn’t actually walk to the restroom from my classroom which is also stupidly situated at the extreme opposite end of the building from the restrooms!
      Plus I got so SOB I hardly knew how to teach. Scootie has changed my life! I also love riding around on him, so I kinda can’t wait to get to school to use him.
      My 3 days really are plenty, long enough, and almost too much! It is true I stay working because I love it. I also don’t consider myself sick enough to give it up, although there are days I wish I had!
      Hugs xx

  2. Steve says:

    Enjoy the break, you certainly deserve it!

  3. Rachael says:

    What an achievement Sus, hope you are proud of yourself. I hope you have a lovely break and that next year goes well for you. All the best, Rachael.

    • Thanks, Rachael-you must let me know how you guys are doing these days. Haven’t heard from you in a-g-e-s! x

      • Rachael says:

        Yeah Sus, its been a long time. We ok thanks, enjoying life by the seaside, come rain or shine!
        Haven’t got your email addy, but enjoying keeping up with you through your great blog.
        Wishing you and J all the best,

  4. kerri says:

    You summer is too short, I think. Tell them you all need MORE SUMMER!!

    ALSO: Well done! Yay for admin power, because I hit submit too fast for my own good ;-). Enjoy and keep us posted on your summer adventures!

    • Off to Palm Springs, Aug 3rd-3 weeks of supremely hot desertness! Chuck in a few days in Vegas, and a few more longer days in and around Page, Arizona. But all basically desertness for my lungs. Need to dry them out! xx

  5. Amy says:

    Awesome! You’re fierce, too, just like Natasha. What an accomplishment & such a kind post about your colleagues. Enjoy your break.

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