Pari has a Problem!

….Now is not a good time for anything medical to go wrong!….

So you can imagine how freaked out I became on Sunday when, arriving at the hotel in London, I went to have my neb and Pari was just not behaving himself. It appears the on/off switch has developed a small issue-well, a large issue-one of temperament. He simply decides when he wants to stay switched on-and when he wants to not be switched on at all.

Julian thinks it is the contacts inside and they probably just need a squirt of some of his magic alcohol based cleaning fluid. But I do not want him tampered with in any way what so ever, (Pari, that is, not Julian!). I seem to be able to make him work by lightly touching the on/off switch. He then appears to work normally, as this video, shot earlier this morning when he was being surprisingly well behaved (isn’t that always the way?), shows:

Oh well, I guess I’m not overly worried, as he does work. It’s just that he is my favourite travel companion, neb-wise, and the thought of him doing a total splat on me this close to a trip would mean I would have to lug the Medix (big blue toilet of a neb machine), and I already have enough oxygen gear to transport without having to make space and extra allowances for a huge workhorse neb to come. Baby Omron is always in my handbag but he is best for prophylaxis and not emergency treatments!

….Sigh. These things are sent to ‘try’ us. Sigh again!….


4 Responses to Pari has a Problem!

  1. oh no…I hope he’s going to be ok. How long until you travel? Not enough time to get him fixed or replaced, I’m sure. That will have to be the first thing you do when you get home. I think that M and I would cry if our Trek stopped behaving.

  2. Steve says:

    I know what you mean. That happens to me all the time with my pari, I think it’s a software glitch that has something to do with the charging unit inside. I usually end up bringing one pari and one small ac powered unit when I travel oversees, just in case. When I travel inside the US I just bring the pari. If it breakdown, I can always buy a substitute at Walgreens.

    • OMG, Steve, and to think I’ve had this neb 2 years without a single problem. In fact we only pulled the battery half of it off on Sunday (for like the 1st time ever!) when it failed in the hotel in London, for like the 1st time ever too! So, I guess what I am saying is, thanks for your input and theory-and I’m glad it’s not that I’ve mangled it or anything. I am travelling with 2 nebs but hope it will last our trip-I am also anticipating being ‘well’ in the desert air so again, am hoping my Pari wont get over used! Cheers!

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