Hand Luggage!

….Well, mine isn’t so much as hand luggage, as a wheelie suitcase!….

((@__Kerri: I’ve tried Ziplocs, even multiples of them! but they simply weren’t big enough! So….))

This trip I have progressed to a shoe box full of my packaged drugs. The complete list of what I have to take, and enough of them to last a week longer than our actual trip (just incase another Volcano blows it’s gasket on us!), can be found here.

But I have devised some methods to save on space in this already large hand luggage case:

  • I choose to count out dossette boxes of all my everyday routine pill meds-4 weeks worth of them-and I keep a copy of my prescription with me as that means I am without the original packaging for many of my meds. It would simply be too much to cart around. If they’re unhappy about my being without packaging, at least I have my prescriptions and a hospital letter to show them.
  • I also find that by emptying out the inside packaging from the boxes of nebs, I can break them into singles and get 40 nebules in one box, minus the extra and excess packging-that saves on space.

Just look at what I chucked out by doing that:

It is always a bit like packing a quart into a pint a pot, as we say here in En-ger-land, but I am pretty well practised at it!

This trip is requiring a myriad of extra wires and chargers though! I need 25′ of oxygen tubing for hotel rooms-plus my standard long one for the plane-which has a special airline oxygen tank connector on it, which United kindly let me keep (need one, ask me, I’ve got about 5 of them now!)

I have the charger for the battery belt for my POC, and the charger for the mains unit-both with their US leads attached (luckily, they’re lighter than the UK plug leads). Plus I have the charger that runs off the car lighter socket. Then I have the charger and lead for my Pari neb, plus my Yellow Submarine Pari neb unit (currently behaving himself again!). And, as I still have cylinders to use up in Palm Springs, I have the conserver unit and lead from my cylinder set up here to take.

Julian has already reminded me that if we happen to have a dust storm or a thunder shower in the deepest Arizona desert, it would be better for me to use my cylinders up, so we will be carting those from California to Arizona in the car too.

And apart from all that medical stuff, and my Medical Forms, Fit to Fly Letters, Prescriptions, etc etc, I have two Jumbo Crosswords, sellotaped onto a large sheet of cardboard-because I am a crossword fiend-and it helps me to drop off to sleep on the plane when I sit back and stare at them!

….This bag may be full, but it is within the size limit and incredibly, doesn’t require a Russian Weightlifter to carry it!….


….And you know what I totally forget to say was also missing from the above hand luggage case…

  • The MacBook I am currently typing this on! Plus it’s charger!
  • And the iPhone charger my iPhone 4 is currently plugged into!



7 Responses to Hand Luggage!

  1. Emz says:

    Cor!I was gunna ask if you were all packed! ;D X

  2. Sus says:

    Yes! Have to be. We’ve got friends coming to stay here and they arrive tonight. What a houseful of baggage! X

  3. I’m well impressed at all you can carry. It’s time for me to start thinking about packing up all of M’s stuff. (and call for a refill of her nebbed albuterol…I sent the last off with her and my parents.) I’ve never, ever had a problem with having inhalers not in their boxes…I’ve never tried to carry pills not in their containers, though. I’m taking note of all your tips.

    Have a good trip.

  4. kerri says:

    Sus, that’s cause you’re not using the RIGHT ziplocs 😉

    All the insanity of forms and packing will be worth it when you get back to your desert! [Which I just typed as dessert . . . but I’m sure you and J will find plenty of desert dessert in Cali!]

    • Ha ha ha! Those aren’t bags they’re trash can liners-the shoe box will do it nicely-but I will keep an eye out in Obamaland for mahoosive Ziplocs!
      You bet I’ll be eating desserts in the desert-although in 112F (mid 40 something C), the ice creams will melt quickly! xx

  5. Becca says:

    I’m guessing you get to bypass the whole putting them in those silly little plastic bags the airport security give you to put them through the scanners? ‘Cause everytime I go through I get stopped and asked to unpack them all and then repack them in tiny plastic bags and I can never fit them back into my hand luggage!
    have a good time on holiday :)! xxx

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