Desert Sun Time!

….All is well, we are here and settled….

This was the plane we flew out on yesterday, from Heathrow to Los Angeles.

Security at LHR was a breeze-didn’t even have to show my paperwork this time-they just swabbed my POC and the wheelchair, and we were through.

It was a good flight-a little bumpy at times with the jet stream, but United looked after us, well me, brilliantly. I felt  pretty bleugh towards the end of the flight but I had manage to doze/semi sleep for most of it to conserve energy and make the best use of the howling gale in my nose from the airline oxygen set up!

Our second flight from LA to Palm Springs was a turbulent 35 minutes of being buffeted as the cooler coastal air hit the high hot desert thermals. Mum and Dad call this plane “Lawn Mower Airlines” We think it was more “Pneumatic Drill meets Kamikaze Pilot Airlines” Much more up and down then Space Mountain. Sick bags at the ready!

We stepped off the rickety prop plane onto baking tar mac with an air temp of 112F.

Grabbed our luggage, leapt in our hire car (large microwave, having been sitting in the sun all day at the airport) and drove the 5 minutes to our hotel.

We feel we are home now. This is our spiritual home. We hope our friends staying in our house in London will be enjoying our home there whilst their decorating is done, as much as we are loving our time here.

So after a meal and meeting up with our friends last night, then a good but shortish night’s sleep due to the jet lag, we have woken up ready for the day and our adventures in God’s own Californian Desert Sauna!

And I will leave you with this video of why we love this place so much. Just look at that view!

….Going to give my lungs and my cough a bit of a workout now in the pool-need a swim and a good stretch out….


5 Responses to Desert Sun Time!

  1. MC says:

    Seems like you uploaded the video as a private video so I can’t see it. 😦

    I’ve never been out to the desert… I’m not sure I’d like the heat. I think I’d rather go to the Colorado Rockies. The view of God’s creation is jaw-dropping.

  2. marsh says:

    hey thanks for answering on stephans blog my ? about zithro ???? hope to talk to you more about this!!!!! i think i’m jelous that your thin and even on prednisone some people have all the luck????teehee if you see me on facebook or contact me by e mail i love to talk with you marsha fb marsha goetz

  3. I was amazed that they didn’t even swab the trek or the O2 monitor…they just asked me to take them out of their cases. I don’t know what the return will be like.

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