Desert Updates!

….Thought this would be interesting for me to trackback to, at least!….

  • Pari Neb:  is totally behaving himself after my pre-vacation panic over his on/off switch’s reliability!
  • Swimming: I am keeping it up by doing a daily 40 minute swim at about the same tempo= approx 1 km
  • SATS: They’re seeming to be better, but I am dropping them after exercise-However, I definitely feel less SOB
  • PFs: I’ve so far more than flirted with the green zone-almost managed a 90% yesterday. Improving!
  • Walking: I’m trotting around in my usual slow/stop manner but with more energy and less cramps
  • Sleeping: Definitely sleeping well here-the bed is enormous and unreal in it’s supreme comfort!
  • Music-ing: I’m itching to play the grand piano in the lobby. Do you think if I whack out a Titanic rendition the Manager will give us another beautiful bottle of wine?!

….See how the desert is so good for me, and this is after just 4 whole days!….


2 Responses to Desert Updates!

  1. Rona says:

    Wonderful! This is the place for you. Ever think about moving here? Sounds like your health is so much better. I am happy for you. Enjoy!

    • Hi Rona-I’ve always been happiest in the desert. We are now saying we wont go back to LA. We simply landed there and hopped on the plane to PSP this trip. Therefore keeping me right out of the pollution. Moving here-no need. I believe we have the best of both worlds. I can make as many trips as time and money allows back here each year to restock those good breathing batteries! How goes Chicago-land? x

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