Our Dizzy Desert Days…

….are BACK again!….

Can you tell from my side bar SATS and Stats that we are back in Palm Springs?

After an all time O2% low in Page, Arizona, of 86% I have actually woken up this morning feeling energised with SATS of 95%-just 1% below where I should be after a night on 2L.

Our drive back here yesterday was long (530 mies). Everything in US terms is bigger. The weather has been hotter, the altitudes higher, the distances driven greater. We love this country. God Bless it. We have just driven the equivalent of  1/6th of the way across it and we are-as we say, ‘cream crackered’!

And now-safely returned to our Desert-these are the things I will instantly notice today:

  • There’ll be no clouds-the sky will be an enormous, open expanse of blueness.
  • There will be no humidity and no afternoon monsoon thunder showers and lightening shows
  • Julian will not have an ‘altitude sickness’ headache.
  • The kettle will boil at 100c and we will make decent tea!
  • My emergency superglue will not explode when I open it.
  • Alcohol will have less effect!!
  • Susannah will breathe without sounding like a steam train.

Of course there are more things:

  • Palm Trees-you should have heard us whooping for joy when we saw Palm Trees as we entered the Coachella.
  • Our Mountains-Granite not red rock!
  • Our underground parking lot-not having to put the windshield sunshade up many times a day!

But don’t get me wrong. We had THE BEST time in Page, AZ-which is why we went back there this year-and for longer, too-and we are planning another trip there, but maybe not for 2 or 3 years!

But we are desert rats. We come here to Heat and Eat our way through the summer.

Julian and I are are going to enjoy sifting through his 7 Gigabytes of photos (he tells me!-14 bit Raws+Jpeg Basic, HDRs Panoramas etc)….

….And today, I will be able to swim again….


2 Responses to Our Dizzy Desert Days…

  1. Amy says:

    It’s kind of hilarious that you used a very British expression (which I’d never heard, btw) to express your exhaustion about driving through the U.S. 🙂

    That alcohol thing is SO true – people had told me about it, but until I moved here I had NO idea how much high altitude would affect drinking a single glass of wine!

  2. …cream crackered-rhymes with knackered! x

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