Hospitals “WE” have known!

….Note the ‘WE’ and not ‘I’….

So Julian has spent the day being a patient. The long and short of it is, last Sunday, in the extreme heat of Palm Springs, my red headed, fair skinned, but sun loving partner felt a bit ‘off’. We assumed it was heat stroke, dehydration and a bit too much exertion at the previous high altitude, lugging the photographic equipment around. He felt dizzy and had a few shooting pains across his chest.

Anyway, these seem to have continued, and yesterday we took him to see the Nurse Practioner at his Surgery to have his heart and blood pressure checked. She said all was ok and sent him for routine blood tests-again-all ok.

Then Julian worked a night shift last night and felt really unwell, again, with lots of pains in his chest, and arrived home at 9.01 am this morning saying to me to please take him to A&E as he really didn’t feel well.

I suppose I didn’t have time to question anything, just grabbed the keys, and shoved a bottle of water in my bag and knew that they’d see him immediately once we arrived.

So he was ECG’d instantly-and this was repeated 4 times, half hourly. He had bloods done, ABGs done, a chest x-ray done, and was given 300mg Aspirin, Clexane and some other thrombolytic. He was tested for DVT and a HA-neither of which came back positive even though he was given the meds as a precaution.

I guess we are relieved that the pains he keeps getting across his chest have been diagnosed as nothing more sinister than intercostal muscle spasms, and that he has in fact now had a complete check up, and does not seem to fit a single criteria for somebody at risk of a HA. He is super fit- even his ‘stressed out’ resting pulse was 54-that is quite incredible, and his ABGs were so good they were off the scale!

But oh dear, the direness of the situation, watching the one you love so much lying there on a gurney and feeling so very helpless. I had to grit my teeth and be oh so strong for the both of us not to lose the plot.

My Parents were great: I was in constant text contact with them throughout the whole 4 hours, and I spoke to his office twice as the Doctor has said he now needs a good 48 hours bed rest, as clearly he has been pushing things a bit too much, as, on top of the heat of the holiday, and the altitude, and the international flight, we then came home to two days of builders mess and then he was starting a night shift….

He’s in bed asleep now. I’m about to tackle the ironing, by way of which, in writing this post, I have found a great way of procrastinating!

If you read my 365 for Today, you’ll see just how much laundry I did first thing.

But really, there’s only one thing I’m caring about….

….And that’s that my Julian soon feels better….


3 Responses to Hospitals “WE” have known!

  1. Emz says:

    Omg I hope he’s ok!!sending my love to both of you!!!poor J!Xx

  2. Amy says:

    OH, that’s scary. I’m so glad he’s okay!

  3. Thanks Guys-he seems to be suffering from the shock of it all and has become quite anxious about me not being with him. I feel our roles have been a little reversed lately. But we’re dealing with the anxiety, gently! x

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