Bouncing Back to School (thoughts)

….Maybe I should write, Bumping Back…, or Scooting Back to School….

Whatever the title, the gist of it is, that School is back in and here we will be until about the 3rd week of July next year. Gosh it sounds an awfully long way to go, to get there, doesn’t it!

I have become quite the procrastinator of late, particularly when it comes to simple things, like packing my school bag on Tuesday night. I guess it’s also a little because I know I thrive on a sudden burst of adrenaline, and am currently in need of taking every extra second of rest that I can instead of ‘doing’ the things I should be preparing. So an adrenaline rush for me is energy giving, and my lungs love it!

These first few days have slopped into place-a slight deja vu as I have done this so many times before-but also we haven’t been teaching, so the lectures, learning sessions, inductions, team building activities and meetings galore that we have sat through for the first 2 days have somewhat washed over me. But Oh No! I am now suddenly going to require all that information-say-from today! Did I listen or just doze?

But the reality of this ‘Week Zero’, is that I have reconnected with my second home. If I think of work as being an extension of my home, then I will feel comfortable in my surroundings. It has taken me 2 days to feel comfortable about being there again, remembering all those idiosyncratic things, like the dodgy elevator, the stiff door, my favourite piano, the computer that hates me-where the toilets are! Meeting the new staff, feeling comfortable around them. I am quite shy of my differences.

I’ve found the getting up really early, very hard-particulalry because of the darkness at 5.30am and the definite Autumn Snap in the air. The whiff of moisture is stinging me hard as I have been waking up to extreme heat for most of August. I have early morning sniffles, smarting eyes and the beginning of ‘that cough’-give it a couple of weeks and the leaf mould will hit.

But what it boils down to is a sense of routine and with that routine a sense of purpose. I guess those are the two things I need the most-to know what, when and where, and indeed, to know, why.

And the reason I go through this year after year, every September, is because I love my job: the interaction, the making music with young people. the fun, the laughs, the rewards of hearing their exams go well.

Last year was a great year for me, I managed to get through the year really well and with very little sickness absence.

The new Year 7s come in today. How exciting it will be to glimpse their smart new uniforms at 8.30am. I wonder how many of them will have the same aspirations as me for the school year. After all, there is no need for analysis, and ‘what have I done well?’l type comments. I think it boils down to survival! Yes, we need to teach the New Year 7s, survival!

….I just hope I keep my ahead above water!….


One Response to Bouncing Back to School (thoughts)

  1. Elisheva says:

    I’m still in touch with some if my teachers and some if them have pointed out that while we students grow up and leave school and build lives if our own, they are still there need moving up coming back year after year to the same grades. Getting ready for school over an over and over again. It’s an interesting concept. I’m glad you love your job so much tho. We should all be like you!

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