Watch Out-They’re About!

….It’s that time of the Seasonal Shift again!….

The time of year when the Summer gives way to the Autumn and the EPPs (Evil Pollen Particles) disappear in favour of their cousins, the EMSs (Evil Mould Spores).

Watch Out! They’e About and they got me last night!

There are thousands of types of mould, however, only a few of them are currently available for allergy testing. It is estimated that 60% of the population may be allergic to pollens and about 20% of those may have mould sensitivity issues. If you have been tested and you know what affects you then you’ll hopefully have an action plan from your Doctors. Even if you don’t have asthma issues, these are some of the possible effects of mould irritation:
I know I need to step up my steroid tablets, (Prednisolone), and double the dose of my nasal spray, (Nasonex). The worst lung infection I have ever had was from a colony of Aspergillus which can cause pneumonia type symptoms. It thrives in damp soil-And I love to potter in my garden-this is another reason why people with a ‘wet’ lung disease, such as some types of asthma and CF, shouldn’t keep house plants. They are a breeding ground for moulds.

See these two factors below for more information and clickable links:

So if like me, you are mould sensitive and are having symptoms; (I had a full blown asthma attack that required 4 nebs to recover from at 8.30pm last night, simply because I went out into the garden to check on something random-well, my grass seed!), then see your Doctors. You may need to step up Protector/Preventer and/or Reliever type treatments or take a course of Prednisone to get you through this month.
Autumn is a time when, because the weather is changing, we may not be needing so many windows wide open, and so by shutting them, particularly, (like you should do for pollen), in the evening, you may find you can keep the EMSs out! Wash net curtains, damp dust, invest in a de-humidifier if your house is really damp. (I lived in the country, in a very old stone cottage in the mid 90s and Boy!, was I sick in the Autumn, every year-that place was dripping water from the walls it was so damp).
Oh, and if you live in the UK-listen to the Sky News weather forecast as they are giving out mould spore readings, much like the forecasters do for pollen.
….I was not at all surprised to find out that the current reading for London and the South East, is Very High for EMSs!….

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