12 of 12: September

…. So here follows my series of 12 photographs taken throughout today, the 12th of September, 2010.

1) I picked our first mini pumpkin, and peeled, deseeded and roasted it with olive oil, black pepper and salt. A lovely mid morning snack!

2) Julian was having a morning of DIY-ing. First he was rewiring one of the time modules for our lounge lights, which operate on a dawn to dusk automation system.

3) I was happy to see my vine tomatoes are really beginning to ripen now as we had a sunny week last week.

4) Julian’s other DIY task was to fix the letter box. The postman had rammed it was a large package that had pulled the rubber seal off the inside. All glued and fully operational again!

5) Meanwhile, I checked on my new grass seed which has been in 2 weeks and, as you can see is growing beautifully, patch repairing the front lawn after the summer.

6) We both rushed inside to catch the end of the Italian Grand Prix-Alonso won (boo-hoo! : poor Hamilton, alas, a spot of driver error, but at least Button came second!)

7) In the afternoon, we nipped off to Waitrose, and grabbed our Quick Check scanner…

8 )…Because we needed ICE!

9) And hilariously, they were practically giving away bananas. We got this bag for 5p (about 8 cents!) Apparently they’d ordered far too many boxes and needed to get rid of them-lucky us!

10) Then we had a cup of tea at his Mum’s house, late afternoon, and Julian was playing ball with Poppy in the garden.

11) After all the activity of the day, I sunk into a really bubbly bath. Ginseng and Rosemary. Very soothing for aching muscles and sore, tired lungs. BTW: the tea lights are battery operated ones! Can’t put candles near my lungs!

12) So our day finished with a pizza supper. This is a photo of Julian’s, because, quite honestly, my GF version ended up looking like Poppy the dog’s dinner, and my egg broke, which put me in a really moody mood for as long as it took to scoff those pizzas, and as you may know, I am a pizza addict!

And that marks the end of my 12 of 12 for September, 2010. Hope you enjoyed my day!

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16 Responses to 12 of 12: September

  1. Becca says:

    Great 12!

    Yay for the Waitrose part of it (not that I’m biased or anything ;)). 5p bananas is so cheap- would not have liked to have been the one on reductions there!

    Sorry your Pizza wasn’t so good- Julian’s looks nice though 🙂

  2. Steve says:

    Is that an egg I see on that beautiful pizza?
    That’s a first for me.

  3. Steve says:

    btw…Do you recall your ABG results?

  4. kerri says:

    Love those fake candles! 😀

  5. I’ve never had egg on a pizza, but I have seen it before – I think it’s a Neapolitan thing (those usually have tuna and olives too I think).

    Yay for getting jobs done and long soaks in the bath 😀

    (I’ll put my 12 of 12 up tonight)

    • Neopolitan, I don’t know. But my Mother always had this theory that there isn’t much protein in pizza so she used to put an egg on ours before they baked. Perfect mix-yum yum! (Have you ever been to the Harrods pizzeria? I’ve seldom seen a pizza come out of their wood fired oven without an egg on it!)

  6. Regina says:

    Love your bathroom and the smell of rosemary bath water.

  7. TJ says:

    Nice 12 of 12 photos. I really like the breakfast snack. It made me want to go out and get the stuff to make it my self. Your dog is lovely. I too like a nice relaxing bath. I can’t have candles either but not the same reason. I can’t have them as I tend to eventually set something on fire, my hair, a towel. You get the idea. Anyway, thanks for sharing and I look forward to next months photos. I will try to remember to do mine. I did put some make up photos yesterday but there not the same as they would be if I had remembered.

  8. Ursl says:

    Thanks for these nice pics. The bubble bath looks very inviting.
    See you, Ursl

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