Six Red Monsters!

….That’s 30mg of Prednisolone to those of you who understand lung  jargon!….

And six 5mg tablets is a good thing as it means-like my side bar has said since yesterday, I am starting to reduce. Rather a large reduction for  me, as I usually go down one 5mg tablet at a time, but I seem to have stuck at this level of yellow zone plateau for long enough to warrant a quicker than usual reduction. My crazy philosophy is that the quicker I get back to my baseline dose, the less chance of my lungs waking up and noticing. Absolutely barmy by any Doctor’s standards but I do try to ‘mind over matter this drug’. So what if I’m still Air Trapping a heck of a lot, this asthma purgatory isn’t going to go away but sitting on a 40mg daily dose of the red monster pills. I’m not burying my head in the sand here either-I’ve been in this situation many times before and I’ve spoken to my Docs this week, and have been given the OK to reduce if I feel I want to try to, plus I can stay on increased oxygen to help with the inevitable SOB I’m no doubt going to be feeling.

So whatever! 24 hours in-I’m still scoring 70% PF and as I’m such a chronic yellow zoner, that’s still very acceptable!

But the cramps and aches and pains have already got me. My knees, calves and fingers feel like I’ve been out in the snow too long, and I’ve got that whiff of a fluey achey feeling this morning. Not a cold coming, but just how a Pred reduction makes me feel. Gatorade and Kettle chips to the rescue!

If I get through the day with some degree of stability in the lung department I’ll be mighty happy-the plan is to try a swim this afternoon, because usually 48 hrs in I have to start toughing things out a bit more so tomorrow might not be as possible.

The first 10 mg drop is always hard-something of a shock to the scaffolding system. Pred is like lung scaffolding for me, and I know I’ll feel weak and wobbly when it comes to trying to breathe with less of it-but hey! my mind is strong and I’m tougher than you think.

So the current plan is to stick at 30mg this week and reduce another 10mg next weekend.

Crunch time (if I’m lucky and don’t pick up anything in the lurgy department), will come at the 20-15-10mg stage. I’d like to think that even though it’s definitely Autumn and Winter is coming, I can still get down to my baseline dose of 10mg. Although this time last year I was stuck at 20mg for a long time. If that happens again, I wont beat myself up-I’ve achieved 10mg for most of the Spring and Summer of this year. The whole idea is that if my bones are going to stand half a chance of not deteriorating any more, I need to be at my lowest possible dose for my lungs to cope. I have no Adrenal issues, I am relieved to say, so there is always the possibility of being off the oral stuff totally. I’m game for it.

We all hate the Pred. It saves lives but it messes you up in so many other ways. So whilst I go through the mental and physical craziness on it…

….I guess I’ll just keep polishing my horns!….


9 Responses to Six Red Monsters!

  1. Steve says:

    Is the Deer wearing lipstick?

    It’s funny , in the UK you guys use prednisolone. Here in the US they use that for pets. ( Cats and Dogs)and sometimes for children. Not really sure why.

    Btw, you realize don’t you that Gatordade and Kettle chips are the absolute worse thing you can eat? But I understand why. You’re one of those rare creatures who actually looses weight on these drugs.

    Good luck with the taper. Hope the withdrawals aren’t too severe.

    • That Deer was a photo I took in Selfridges last Christmas-it was the decoration for the Juicy Couture concession. J said it looked like me-clearly I must have been on high dose Pred then too!
      True about the high calorie foods for most people-but I need them and I need the salt for the cramps-and yes, I am a skinny thing who wastes away on Pred!
      Our dog had to have a course of prednisolone and the vet charged us a fortune so we ended up giving her mine (same 5mg tablets too!)
      How is your taper going-I’ll keep in touch through your side bar too! x

  2. Emz says:

    You can do it! You’re pretty determined!Xx

  3. kerri says:

    Hey, I remember that deer . . !

    Good luck with the taper, Sus! I’m hoping for slow and steady and back to baseline — and no evil student germs 🙂

    • Hope you manage it too. Uni is such a germ factory-all those snotty coughing student types! What is your Pred baseline?-I hadn’t realised you were taking it too! SO glad you did so well in your 10k really impressive time too! x

  4. wheezyheron says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed that you can shoot down those little red monsters one by one!

    Good luck!

  5. Steve says:

    I just realized your steroids are RED! Hence the title? ( This is my brain on steroids)
    I have never in my life seen a red steroid.They look like Advils. Here in the US we have boring white pred.

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