20mg of Monsters!

….Ach, nothing much to write but….

Yep, four little red monster pills. You may remember this post, last Saturday.

I’m biting the bullet and continuing to tough this wean out. I don’t exactly think the week has been a case of “Hallelujah” , but the longer I prolong the tougher it gets to be tough! So it’s 20mg from today and hopefully, back to baseline next week (10mg) or “Take TWO daily” as the packet says.

And why am I just being so gung-ho?

I’ve had enough.

My lower back is kiling me and I’ve got enough crumbling and bone loss there as it is. Lungs will have to comply else I’m putting them in Detention-and I’ve got that duty coming up on Wednesday as it is!

Thanks to Steve for email chatting to me yesterday and spurring me on. I emailed my Docs afterwards and was told to ‘do as I felt, without being too hasty’. Lord, that was scientific if ever I’ve heard it-but it was late Friday afternoon!

….And I sure ‘felt’ like ‘doing’ 20mg this morning!….


2 Responses to 20mg of Monsters!

  1. Wheezyrunner says:

    Proud of you Sus, keep it up! And most importantly, good luck! Goodness knows you need it when dealing with the pred monster. oxox

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