Duvet Days!

….Do you have those days when you just need to escape from the world, and junk out with the TV and a pile of newspapers and magazines?….

Well, if you answered ‘yes’, then you’re certainly not alone.

This mid-October-iness is starting to edge me into my difficult time of year. Once Autumn really hits , I have the need to hibernate til practically March. And I’ll do anything during this spell of time to avoid my lungs landing me up in hospital. Gee, and how original that would be! So at that first twitch of ‘uh-oh!’ I climb into my divan in the spare room with everything I could possibly need to make myself stay quiet, resting , napping and, hopefully…..feeling better.

And with Julian now mid Night Shift and sleeping during the day, all this week, I need to be quiet in the house anyway, so the timing has been perfect for my few Duvet Days, if ever there could be perfect timing to feel like my lungs were becoming a little too stroppy and my energy level had drifted into non existence.

But I’m not as incarcerated in my home hospital cosy comfort, as I would be in real hospital-I am still running the house. There is always laundry to do and ironing, and meals to cook and washing up, and cleaning! Yesterday I made myself venture out into the front garden to sweep up the leaves. And this morning when J came home, I chucked on my sloppies and we sloped off to the grocery store as supplies were running low. I’m now stocked with stashes of snacks and hoards of healthy veggies!

And I’m definitely feeling better for having had a weekend propped up on four pillows and with more newspapers and episodes of MTV Cribs to watch than you can calculate! Importantly, I didn’t take a PF for 2 days and I’m happy to report that today my PF and FEV1 have both elevated from their lowly depths. I’m also riding out this stage of my awkward Pred reduction with the enforced rest and Yes, distraction is the best cure for dyspnoea and crampiness. And mine has become pretty chronic of late. Also, in this little room I have my workhorse neb, my constant supply oxygen machine (Elliott) and two wonderful big windows to let in lots of fresh air, I’ve dozed a plenty under my duvet, in fact I think I’ve slept more or less anytime, like a cat: Scrabble on the iPhone does this heavy thing to my eyelids. So does watching endless episodes of Barefoot Contessa on the Video/DVD machine I’ve also got in front of me in this little bed.

Yes, this is my favourite room in the house, and it’s where I can be found when I’m home and J isn’t!

Blissful and Medicinal!

….And I’ll  probably hardly budge until I’m due at school on Wednesday….


4 Responses to Duvet Days!

  1. Wheezyrunner says:

    I have these days, though thankfully they come far enough apart that I’m able to accept them and even embrace them a little bit. I use them to write emails, catch up on some TV shows and read books and magazines – much like you. Distraction certainly is the best thing for nagging dyspnea.

    This was beautifully written by the way!

    • Hey, Danielle, – I think asthmatics have ‘real’ ones and most of my friends have imaginative reasons for having them! If you get my drift.

      I’m not feeling too bad. Just far from good and there’s no reason to moan about it so I might as well enjoy the peace of the enforced rest.

      Actually haven’t been on my email or FB or Twitter as I haven’t bothered with my lenses so couldn’t see to type, ha ha!

  2. Steve says:

    That looks like a real cozy room. The view outside looks just as I would picture a classic English country to look.Nice and green with old buildings. I hope when you emerge from that room that you will be feeling better.

    I would hang out in that room even if I wasn’t sick.

    • Aw Steve, that’s such a sweet thing to say. It’s always clean, dust free and’d be made up ready for whenever you wantded to stay!
      Keeps me outa mischief to be holed up in there as well 🙂

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