Gross Green Gloop!

….Breathe a sigh of relief, this is not going to be a post  about lung  junk!….

*****Warning: Consult your Doctor before taking standard OTC cold remedies*****

I am currently suffering from a thick chesty coughy coldy thing. Lovely, not, and I feel especially rotten as school has been exhausting and I am not used to having colds as I so rarely get them. All I wanted was one night where I didn’t cough all night and keep J awake as he is now turning himself around from his week long night shift.

So he gave me a dose of the above OTC remedy. Well, he tried to make me drink it, but I practically gagged half of it up as it was so revolting, and wretched and spat the other half out after I had semi swallowed it. My list of things I positively will not eat now stands at two (the other being lychees!)

Let’s just say, I made a massive mistake. This stuff proved to be way too strong for little lightweight me-and I’d probably had less than a child’s dose of it.

I went to bed and felt myself drifting-not in and out of sleep, but more like in and out of consciousness. My whole body felt like lead. I could barely move my heavy limbs, and my fingers and toes felt numb. Several times I realised that I wasn’t even breathing as I was becoming apnoeic, and took great gasps of air in.

Yes it stopped me coughing, but it almost felt like it was going to stop me existing. Ok, so I exaggerate, but it was a nasty side effect, none the less, in the depths of the night.

I woke up from my slumber stupor at 1.30am and tried to get out of bed, I simply couldn’t move, there was no way I could shift my heavy lead like body. Good job I was not in dire need of the bathroom! At this point I also noticed that the O2 cannula was not on my face anymore. And in 5 months of sleeping with O2 on I have never once had this happen. So back into sleep I fell. Only to wake again at 6.30am, minus the cannula again, gasping, bursting for the toilet and not knowing where I was or which way was up. Somehow though, I did haul myself up off the bed. The nearest bathroom is the ensuite. I couldn’t find it. I stumbled into J’s office. Stumbled back across the landing completely tangled in oxygen tubing to the main bathroom, but couldn’t remember how to turn the light on. Eventually found myself downstairs (!) and made it to that bathroom.

I have no idea why I twice managed to rip the cannula off my face in the night. And the list of ingredients does not suggest that this stuff is going to have the same effect as Propofol, but I seemed to react badly to it. I would be interested in hearing if any of you have ever experienced anything similar to my night after the  dose of dodgy Gross Green Gloop!

A good night’s sleep, no. I eventually shifted my lump of self from bed at 9.30am when my Sister rang, and maybe talking to her helped me get the oxygen back in my system as I had a clanging headache and felt very very ‘post anaesthetic woozy’!

….Tonight I will have a standard dose of Simple Linctus, or Manuka Honey and lemon!….


8 Responses to Gross Green Gloop!

  1. Wheezyrunner says:

    Oh Sus, that sounds like a terrible experience! The closest experience to that I’ve ever had was after taking two Benadryl right before bed for an allergic reaction while I was also having asthma symptoms. I drifted in and out not feeling quite right, very restless but not feeling able to move. When I finally woke up a little more it occurred to me that I needed my inhaler but couldn’t quite put the two and two together to take it. After a few more wake-ups I finally managed. I didn’t feel so good in the morning either. But that was nothing compared to your Night Nurse adventure. Hope you fare better with the Linctus tonight.

  2. kerri says:

    Night Nurse my butt — pfft. Sounds like you had quite the night, and not in a good way! Scary.

    I haven’t had any similar experiences, but I hope you feel better SOON! ❤

  3. James says:

    Wow, that stuff looks nasty, I don’t know if I would have attempted it. I hope you get to feeling better soon, sleep well Sus!

  4. Thanks for all your kind comments, folks. Sorry I have been a bit too poorly to write personal replies. But I’m feeling a bit better and will try and get up today. Just got such a nasty cough, and no, I will not be trying the Night Nurse experiment EVER again! xx

  5. Olivia says:

    manuka honey and lemon is so good. i love having it. I sometimes mix a little bit of whiskey in with it to!!!

  6. Steve says:

    The name ” Night Nurse” cracks me up. In America it’s
    It has so much alcohol in it that some people actually drink it get high or drunk.
    Tastes like green licorice to me. It’s disgusting.

    I believe there are warning labels on it now, that say not to use it if you have asthma.

    • That’s very important info, Steve. I always check the back of OTC meds for the warnings to asthmatics not to take the stuff-and there most definitely isn’t one on our version of NN. Aaargh!

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