Full on Flu or less?

….Ok, so I’ve still decided to avoid having my flu shot….

…because I think I’ve already got it anyway…..!

I’m sure it’s perfectly possible to have a mild version of flu, something less that the full on seasonal variety, and then have a shot so you don’t get the full on version, but last year’s shot gave me the worst reaction I’ve ever had and I’m not about to put myself through that again!

So why do I think I have something like flu?

  • My limbs ache, and nothing is helping-I’ve tried paracetamol, tonic water and ginger tea but I still ache.
  • My head hurts so much all I want to do is lie down
  • And did I mention the cough? I think I now know just what an end stage CFer goes through every second of the day and night, and I’m used to coughing!

The absence of fever is the odd one. A Doctor would be unlikely to diagnose full blown influenza without a temperture of 99F or above, mine has barely got above 98F. But I do run cold, probably as my BMI is low, and even when I’ve presented with raging MRSA and pneumonia, I have hardly had a fever to show for it.

But this listlessness, lack of umph, energy, enthusiasm and appetite goes hand in hand with having the flu, and I’ve certainly felt pretty down and depressed for a good week in running up to ‘the cough’ appearing on Friday. The cough, being what I tried to cure with a dose of Night Nurse on Friday night!

The Cough: Can you imagine the gurgling and vibrating of a large animal struggling to breathe but still drowning? Well, that’s been me every night and every day since Friday-but why 3am chooses to be the worst time, only science will know. Last night I actually vomited twice, my stomach is just so full of PND gunk. Lovely!

And poor J is like a sleepness zombie having endured this cough with me for several days now.

Percussion: (Of the medical not musical kind). It’s going on constantly in this household. Every time I am wracked with paroxysms of uncontrolable exhaustive drowning and gurgling, I get the Ravel’s Bolero rhythm drummed out  on my back by J, yes, day and night, poor guy. But it works, as any CFer would tell you.

Anti Biotics: “To take or not to take?”, that is the question.

Currently opting for the negative as I really don’t think this is an infected cough-it’s mainly thick clear and a bit yellow at times, that is not suggestive of my immune system going into overdrive.

So it’s continue with the house arrest, bed flopping, sofa surfing or full on duvet days as necessary until this Flu lurgy flies away.

My side bar has currently paled into insignificance. I haven’t taken a PEF-I couldn’t with this cough. I’ve been badly uncompliant about my O2 usage as I dont want to infect/reifect my self with cannulas. Daft, I know. My SATS are wavering, I’m stupidly stubborn, yes, for sure.

And although this is Half Term week, I haven’t made any plans, except to get down to my Parents place on the South Coast and breathe some healing sea air. Phew, no school tomorrow, if it was a school day, I do wonder if even stubborn me would be able to drag myself there.

The Asthma: Not even thinking about it-currently whacking mucus clearing hypertonic saline nebs left right and centre, and I had to bolus the pred last night too, but I’m doing OK!

….Although, I’m currently packing up enough meds and Sloppy Joes to at least allow me to get a change of scenery for a few days and my Dad has told J where the hospital is!….


8 Responses to Full on Flu or less?

  1. Elisheva says:

    Feel better Sus! When I used to get sick as a kid, my mom would pound my back too. And I do that sometimes to my (asthmatic) flatmate when she’s sick since she’s used to having it done too. Being sick (ill) sucks.

  2. feel better. The flu is scary. We do get the flu shot around here…I’m too scared of the what if’s of NOT getting it. Having been through one child nearly dying as an infant, and watching her go through Influenza A with the 103/104 degree fevers along with it (and THAT’S my HEALTHY one…thankfully, we’ve avoided any overnight emergency hospital stays with Mariella-knock wood) the thought of the flu puts me into cold sweats.

    I’m big on doing percussion on M when she gets bad…it’s far more effective than the acapella…though she hates it.

    I do hope you turn a corner soon, and start feeling better.

    • Thanks, Sara. I agree the flu is scary. I’ve only had real hospital type bad flu once when I was 16. I was in bed for 3 weeks. This is mild but I feel awful. I’ve never been a flu sufferer as I generally always have the shot. But this got to me first! X

  3. Rachael says:

    Hi Sus

    I hope you enjoy your time away and will soon be feeling much better. Enjoy your view!

    All the best

  4. Wheezyrunner says:

    Isn’t it just typical to get sick on your week off? Why does it always happen that way? Feel better girl!

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