Happy Hallowe’en

….This huffy puffy hacker just wants to wish you all a really Happy Hallowe’en, have a great Holiday Weekend….

Have a great time making your pumpkin lantern, and remember,  you can use the pumpkin pulp to make into a yummy pie-very good for you, rich in fibre and vitamin A!

Don’t be scared when you’re out and about by any of these creatures! (yeeeooww, hiss!)

And above all, look out for any Wicked Witches who may try and steal your Trick or Treat sweets….

….May you be Tricked and Treated to lots of Spooky Scary Screamy Times and be safe, be warm, and wrap a scarf around your face if it is foggy or smoky out there!…..


2 Responses to Happy Hallowe’en

  1. kerri says:

    Hehe! 😀

    Happy Halloween, Sus! 😀

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