Le Verdict!

….I took my cough to the Drs this morning!….

That Cough. Le Cough. Le Appointment. Le Docteur. Le Veridct. (Le Boring!)

And this is what transpired, bearing in mind  that my Drs is just doors away and I can leave home 5 minutes before my appointment time! So I generally go straight in as they don’t like to keep me sitting in Le Germ Factory aka Waiting Room!

  • I coughed as I walked the corridor leading to her door-she heard it!
  • I told her I’d had the Flu last week and still had The Cough. She couldn’t believe I’d managed to catch the flu before getting my shot (and I still haven’t had it!)
  • She tapped my back and listened  to my crackles.
  • Verdict: Not much air moving in my basals-lots of “creps” pity she didn’t prescribe “crepes!”
  • She said it was all rattling around but understood how with my low PEF it is very hard to expectorate sufficiently. I told her my bottle of Benylin had been purely ‘feel good’ and the antibiotics were only just taking effect.
  • She asked if I had dared blow a PF last week and I said I hadn’t. So she had me blow 2 there and then, and the highest was 220 (about 61%)
  • She asked what I was doing with my Pred , to which I answered ‘upping it for odd doses if I was really chesty but hopefully remaining at 20mg’. She bought that! After all, my asthma has been surprisingly under control through this whole Cough thing.
  • She checked my SATS. 91% on 2L O2. Not surprising considering the thickness of the phlegm I’ve got lingering in my lungs.

So she talked about Carbocisteine. And prescribed me a thrice daily dose of the syrup-tastes like rum, smells like cinnamon!

Oh and to carry on with the antibiotics for another week. So wrote me up for another stock packet of them.

And off home I went, via the pharmacy and picked up ‘Les Medicines’.

But why have I come over all French?

Well, because I now have a French cough syrup to add to my Greek Seretide and Italian Nexium.

And even the ingredients and dosage instructions are in French too. (Wish it was Rum-I’m already not that mad on the flavour of the stuff-3 times a day-yeuch!)

….So much for Britain  staying separate from Europe, quite amusing really, we’re borrowing all their drugs, and my Euro collection of medications is ever increasing!….


11 Responses to Le Verdict!

  1. MC says:

    Stuck on mostly liquid meds (I’m verrrrry thankful I can take the kids chewable tablet for singular!) I’ve had to deal with the nasty taste they have…. and my solution is to follow them down with a spoon of sunbutter (sunflower seed butter) or peanut butter. Doesn’t always work perfectly, but definitely does help.

    • Thanks for the trick-yes something salty ought to take the taste away. I so much prefer salty things so this hideous sweetness is just stomach churning for me! I know there are capsules of it too but she just dived in with the syrup-probably thought I’d like it!

  2. Steve says:

    Smells like rum and cinnamon eh? sure beats the alternative. Have you ever gotten a whiff of Mucomyst(acetylcysteine)? Smells like rotten eggs!
    It’s used primarily as a mucolytic ( CFers know this drug well), but it’s also the main antidote for acetaminophen ( tylenol) overdose.

    Ah, the wonderful drugs we have to take.

  3. Ha ha, the rotten eggs made me laugh-I really don’t fancy that stuff! eugh!
    Hopefully, adding a mucolytic will mean I’ll be able to cough this chewing gum like phlegm up. It is choking when it dislodges and catches when I breathe, so anything that thins it has gotta be a bonus.
    This stuff has so much ethanol in it, it actually comes with with a warning for alcoholics!

  4. Wheezyrunner says:

    You are a very cute Frenchie!! Hope it works at least.

  5. kerri says:

    Hope all the random european drugs have you feeling better soon!

  6. Elisheva says:

    You amaze me with all the things you continue doing while you’re ill (trick or treating, going out to eat, etc). I hope you feel better soon! And yay for the international drug stash! My symbicort’s from Sweden and my ventolin’s from Spain. My toothpaste is almost always from the UK and my Rx acne stuff is from France as is the burn creme I got when I burned myself.

    • ……But you see, Life is there to grab, sick or not-unless I’m chained to my bed, I will force myself to get up and do something. I’ve not been bed ridden since last weekend-more sort of semi permanently flopped out somewhere like a sofa!

      These crazy drugs-my friend on FB has Polish Singulair this month!

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