It just goes On and On!

….Yep. You guessed it-The Cough….

I still have it. I wish I could report something a tad more postive, but I have been coughing solidly now, for 2 whole weeks.

The flu symptoms have gone, I feel much better in myself, but, as is my winter norm, the cough has proved itself to be a malingerer. I know exactly why I haven’t yet been able to get rid of it. My PEF and FEV1 are too low to be able to mange a decent lung clearing cough. I hardly shift any air to shift the mucus. When I get a cough like this it tends to hang around a long time after the infection has cleared. I think I am no longer producing such mucky lung junk, but the urge is still incessant, and, is perhaps worse than when my cough was at it’s thickest and most choking. I still have another week of antibiotics to take though.

However, I hereby sing the praises of my bottle of Mucodyne (Carbocisteine). It really does seemingly dissolve and thin the mucus and it seems to be coming up of it’s own free will, if only I could produce enough expiration to shift the lower muck out!

There is so much to learn about having bad lungs, far more than merely not being able to take a decent breath or exhale properly without a wheeze. I truly feel like a CFer at the moment. To think people with that illness endure this cough day in day out all year long. I give my heart to them. I’m burned out after a fortnight.

Yes, tearfully, completely and utterly totally exhausted. My ability to sleep has gone from normal bad, asthma-wise, to nigh on diabolical, cough-wise. I seem to be gauging my daily verve and spirit on how many times I have woken up in paroxysms of choking the previous night. And Julian too is being badly affected by this. He has to wake up and slap my back repeatedly until the coughing fit subsides.

It’s been particularly awkward at school these past 3 days, as of course I’ve had to cope when I am virtually choking mid lesson, and have scared a few kids in the process. Not a nice situation to be in. It’s also shockingly embarrassing for me.

I AM getting better. And I keep repeating this, like something akin to a mantra. Yes, I AM improving. But something I have never been good at, is patience. I also feel it’s wrong to moan and drone on about it like a stuck record. I’m sure you’re all sick and tired of hearing me moan about this cough and how sick and tried I am! People have been so kind in their wellwishes, on here, on FB and on Twitter. But oh dear. It is so very wearing. This cough just goes on and on.

Positively-If I’d had a penny these two weeks for every time I have moaned about this darn cough, then I wouldn’t be needing to buy a lottery ticket.

I apologise.

….But I reckon I’ll be back at the Drs on Monday morning! (or, I’m praying it will have gone by then!)….


6 Responses to It just goes On and On!

  1. kerri says:

    Hey, it’s your blog, no apologies!

    I hope The Cough goes away SOON and that if it’s still aorund on Monday that your team kicks it outta the park. Feel better SOOOOOON <3.

  2. James says:

    Kerri is right, it is you blog, so moan away. As a matter of fact, it is not that good to hold in your frustrations. This is a pretty good format to do some venting. 😉

    I had bronchitis in June and I coughed some much it hurt. I could not even laugh because of the pain. I do not know if you are hurting, but I can sure sympathize. (I Think)

    Try to get some rest!!! My prayers and well-wishes are with you.

    • Thanks, James. Yep it is really painful. I’ve strained every muscle in my ribs coughing and I’m not really laughing much as that sets me off coughing! I’ve only got a non specific chest infection type cough, so it’s pretty ordinary. Therefore I’d love to think it will just vanish!!

  3. Elisheva says:

    I wanted to come on here and say it’s your blog so you’re free to use it for whatever you want, but then I saw that Kerri and James beat me to it! Anyway, that’s gotta be incredibly frustrating. Here’s hoping it goes away soon!

    • Aw thanks, Eli. It is so very totally frustrating. I no longer feel sick, but this non stop chesty cough is just so debilitating and is doing my asthma and general self absolutely no good at all! x

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