The Continuation

….I’ve now been poorly for almost 3 weeks….

Having this cough is 100% draining. Having this cough, day in, day out, and all night too, is not only draining on me but on Julian. I’m beginning to think I should banish myself permanently to the home hospital bed, set up in the spare room!

Today I am finding myself ‘Off Sick’. This is the first day I have taken off sick since last December. I am gutted. One of the things I pride myself in, is the ability to drag my feeble self to school and somehow harness enough adrenaline and puff to teach, regarding how bad my breathing is or even, when I have a migraine. It is somehow less impossible than setting cover work for sub teachers to take. But today I have had to give in. I simply could not last 4 lessons and a break duty without a gap, on a day when I also have a rehearsal before school and need to rehearse with my flautist in the afternoon. Enough has become enough and I’ve thrown in the towel. Wimp!

It was a hard enough decision to come to, too. Because my Doctor, on Monday, told me I needed a few days in bed resting and strongly advised I took time off school. And Julian was on the verge of hiding my car keys, and my Senior Colleague had also jumped on said bandwagon. So I feel it isn’t really my decision, I’m being forced to take today off. Hopefully that will be just enough to enable me to be back tomorrow, doing the final rehearsals and playing in the Concert at 7pm.

And what did my Doctor say on Monday?

She was concerned-even I should have been better than this after a 2 week course of Doxycycline. I still have a deep seated chest infection. Be it the same one or a secondary I have picked up last week at school, who knows, but we’re bashing this week of it with a course of Clarithromycin. The impossible to swallow, ginormous 500mg pills. The ones that interact with my Aminophylline and leave me feling sick all the time. Oh well, as long as they work. At least the Mucodyne syrup-although far from tasty-is doing positive things to the consistency of my gloop!

But I would like to stop feeling so unwell, and to take a decent breath without the never ending urge to cough so uncontrollably.

I wish I’d had a flu jab before I caught this lurgy. Typical.

….I am beginning to feel that only time will heal, and I’m in for another weekend under the duvet in the spare room, following this Concert….


6 Responses to The Continuation

  1. Olivia says:

    hey there, I hope these second lot of horse pills kick in and clear the bugs out your chest. It probs is best to ahve the day off school although not something you want to do but I do hope it does the trick and lets you rest and get your energy back ready for next week. Take care and sending you bug kicking thoughts!!! x

  2. Elisheva says:

    Do you think the flu jab would have helped? Do you actually have the flu or something else? Either way, you deserve a day off and while you (and Kerri apparently) find it hard to relax and pamper yourself (I have no clue why. That’s what I do when I’m sick.), that’s what needs to be done in order to get better. So…. hop to, young lady!

    • It started with flu 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately I caught a flu before I’d had my jab. Like all flues, I developed The Cough which then went to a chest infection and now a secondary chest infection. I will get over this but it is taking it’s time and taking a whole lot out of me. When I am finally better, for sure, I will be having my flu jab.
      Thanks for your concerns x

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