Hanging in here!

….I do not like being off school, sick….

But today my Dr threw quite a wobbly with me and gave me one of her ultimatums. Either it was a case of knock this infection on the head and stay at home, in bed resting another week, allowing the anti biotics to work, or I’d just continue to get sicker and no doubt end up in hospital for Christmas. Again. Something which has been quite a usual November/December pattern for me.

So maybe I’m learning my lesson the hard way by having to give in and Julian has contacted my colleagues telling them I’m of sick again this week. Doesn’t make it any easier for me to be home and still so unwell and in so much pain.

She’s a tough cookie Dr-I didn’t get a tremendous amount of sympathy. And she did not find it at all amusing that my lungs-particularly the right one, are purring away. And she didn’t laugh when I said ‘maybe I am a cat’. Ugh! Where was she when the sense of humour was given out! She doesn’t even think I did have ‘the flu’-I know I blogged that I was a little uncertain myself as my chest was just so bad. She thinks I developed a pneumonia and didn’t know it, and if I’d seen her earlier than after having been sick through half term week, it wouldn’t have taken such a hold. Who knows!

You should have seen her face when I told her I’d had to go to school last Thursday because I was playing in a concert! Priceless!

So I’m stuck on the impossible to swallow Clarithromycin for another week and we’re treating this as a case of pneumonia because I have so much fluid, pain and fever still. Got some mighty strong codeine based soluble pain killers too. And  quite likely tomorrow I will go and get this x rayed as I do not have much faith in this pain subsiding. The codeine has so far not helped one bit.

….But, hey ho, this is ME! I bounce, I’m hanging in here, and watch out, school…I’ll  soon be back, but not before I have gone square eyed in front of another week of daytime TV!….




11 Responses to Hanging in here!

  1. steve says:

    Be a good patient and listen to your doctor! I know, easier said than done…lol

    But I was just thinking,Im not sure how young your students are, but children in general tend to be germ carriers. So, try to stay away at least until your infections have cleared up.

    We don’t want to see you in the hospital at Christmas.

  2. James says:

    The whole Dr visit sounds familiar too me. I had gotten one of those priceless looks also. Yeah, he asked me about how much Ventolin I was using to fight my breathing issue. I told him I wasn’t. Ouch, I tried a couple of times to see if it helped but seemed not too. Well, I was not taking enough, what a dummy. Yeah, a close friend of mine was not humored when I retold the story. I got an ear full. Hey, I am a little bullheaded about taking Ventolin.

    Nothing more I can say without being a hypocrite. 😉 Glad to hear that you are hanging in there! x

    • Drs need to understand that sometimes we know ourselves better than they ever can! And our lungs will never do things according to their text books!

      Here’s to better lungs and less of their glaring at us! x

  3. Olivia says:

    Hang in there. am rooting for you. its not nice to be ill for a prolonged period of time. But do listen to the Dr. I hope this last lot of antibiotics kick the infection in to touch. x

  4. Amy says:

    I’m sorry you’ve been so sick! Couldn’t agree more with Steve & Kerri on the kids=germs thing, too. (Which I’m sure you have plenty of experience with.) Take it easy, and I hope your body starts healing soon and lets you enjoy the holidays!

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