Inhaler FAIL!

….My Sister sent me this clip last night-it has been doing the email rounds. I hadn’t seen it before and it sure gave me a huge laugh (cough)!….

….So I guess, squirting the stuff in my mouth and inhaling deeply might actually work, but  it sure isn’t as ladylike!….


13 Responses to Inhaler FAIL!

  1. Elisheva says:

    Hahaha!! Awesome. Is this HOUSE?

  2. Olivia says:

    That is brilliant. Made me chuckle!!!! and need the reach for my inhaler!!!

  3. Wheezyrunner says:

    I remember this episode! I laughed so hard!

  4. James says:

    He he, so that’s how you use it!!! :p

  5. *rofl* I remember that episode! XD

    My boyfriend and sister are huge House fans. I’m not as huge on it, but I watch it because I find House’s humor hilarious.

    Did you see the pilot with the asthmatic little boy?

  6. wheezyheron says:

    If only I’d had that for my presentation!

  7. kerri says:

    I ALSO love how that’s a Primatene. So she sees Dr. House for her asthma but she can’t get her hands on a non-OTC inhaler, eh? 😉

  8. I am so glad everybody got a little chuckle from this! I apologise to those of you who required multiple puffs or a neb after laughing your little lungs into spasm!

    My Mother reminded me November is the worst month for feeling down in the dumps so if I brightened your day, mission accomplished!

    Yes, indeedy-the first time I saw the email (and it was titled ‘Ventolin Fail’), I too thought-“why is she seeing an eminent Dr if she only needs a Primatene Mist inhaler-the one that any Tom Dick and Harry could buy OTC”
    Well spotted, Kerri et al! LOL

    I was also amazed how many of you have seen the whole episode-my Dr Sister-in-law has a box set-perhaps I’ll borrow them now!
    Hugs and Happiness, Folks! xx

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