I’ve Been Doing All This For 4+ Weeks!

  • I do love those good old remedies. I was googling around and I came across this:

    ….”With proper medication and rest, most types of severe chest infection and/or pneumonia are easily cured”….

    OK. Yes. However, add to it severe asthma and/or COPD and it takes a whole lot longer.

    This is basically what I was instructed to do, over 4 weeks ago when I got really sick:
  • 1

    Take my medications as prescribed. (Most oral antibiotics are taken for 10-14 days). Erm, Hello, I’ve had 4 weeks of them!

  • 2

    Bed rest and no activity until my cough is gone.

  • 3

    Avoid irritants in the air, and stay away from people who are sick. My immune system is already working overtime. I know, and I have done. No germy person has been allowed near the house!

  • 4

    Wear a mask/scarf if you have to go outside in the cold air. Cold air is not healthful to sick lungs.

  • 5

    Avoid cough suppressants. (I’m allergic to things like aspirin, and ibuprofen anyway!)

    A productive cough will help clear the lungs of germ-ridden phlegm. Take your expectorant, such as Carbocisteine, as prescribed by your doctor.

  • 6

    Take painkillers sparingly-I was prescribed Co-Codamol-horrible stuff!

  • 7

    Humidify the air in your house with a vaporizer. Sit in a hot shower or bath. Erm, nope, I don’t do steam with these lungs. Hot baths helped, steamy showers-were a big no-no!

  • 8

    Check your temperature once a day. Any sudden spike should be reported to your doctor. I hardly ever run a fever. If I do it’s usually only a 99.something F one! But it does mean I’m not at all well if I do!

  • 9

    Take lots of deep breaths. (I wish I could!) Inhale as much air as your lungs can take in, (would be nice) and then hold your breath for 5 to 10 seconds.(What, without coughing!) Exhale forcefully, but steadily. Repeat this 10 times. Do deep breathing exercises at least five times a day. (Now you’re making me laugh!)

  • 10

    Apply a heating pad to your chest if muscles feel sore and achy. Definitely-this really helps!

  • And this was an absolute gem of a find:
    “Take it easy. Chores will still be there after you get well. If you push yourself while you have pneumonia, you may lengthen your recovery time”.
    ….Anybody want to come clean my house for me?….


    6 Responses to I’ve Been Doing All This For 4+ Weeks!

    1. Elisheva says:

      Aww… To say you must be frustrated would be a huge understatement, I presume.

      *virtual high five* for oral antibiotics! Which one are you on? We can make a club.

    2. steve says:

      I’ll clean your house for you if you give me a tour of London while I’m there 🙂

      Get Well!

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