….So yesterday morning’s GP’s appointment was to gather the myriad of forms and prescriptions I needed, one of which was to order me an urgent CXR….

So Julian collected my prescriptions then took me to Mount Vernon Hospital. It was actually quite wonderful to see something of the white winter wonderland in our surrounding countryside. We are only 5 mins from fields and 10 mins from the hospital but seeing as I haven’t been out in weeks it was magical.

We checked me in at the desk:

And luckily we only had to wait about 5 minutes. A nice technician lady called me through and gave me the latest in designer hospital gowns to change into-lush!

And I gave Julian my valuables (well, my iphone). Luckily I’d already removed all my necklaces at home-felt quite naked without them! And I can assure you, I most certainly do not have any unmentionable piercings!

And then I went in to get zapped. As is common with ladies, they squish you up against the plate somewhat! Actually the lady switched the X-ray plate from landscape to portrait as she said I was tall and thin so she’d do it the other way round. I was pleased as I knew it would get my painful lower right ribs in better longways! Then zap! that was it!

So I now have to wait up to 10 days for the full medical report, although my Dr said she was certain what it would show, and the X-ray was just clarification. Plus I also know from experience what is up, as, let’s face it, I have been living with these lungs in this state of ill health for the past 6 years. I just hope the ‘muscle pain’ is muscle pain and not a tiny pneumothorax or cracked ribs, both of which are highly possible.

So we came home in the snow and I rested in the warm, FB’d and Tweeted a little, making a few of my friends laugh about my non-piercings!, and Julian put up the Christmas lights inside and out. Much yayness and merriment and it really cheered me up!

This morning, I am back to the old routine of popping anti biotics and downing doses of Carbocisteine…….and, coughing!

More drugs!

Somehow I’m supposed to send a sputum sample off to the hospital today too. I can drop it in at the surgery a few doors up, but J is at work and I’m in bed writing my Year 9 Reports.

….Not the sort of ‘special delivery’ sample I can easily ask a neighbour to drop off for me either, is it?!….


7 Responses to A U.K. CXR!

  1. kerri says:

    Get Emz to take it 😉 Haha. [Love you, Emily hehe.]

    Keep us posted on what the x-ray shows, and feeeeeel better. ❤

  2. Elisheva says:

    It’s amazing how you’re always so positive. Excited to leave the house to go to … the hospital.

    Nice gown! And keep popping those cefalexins. I should send you a pic of mine now that I know what yours look like 🙂

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