Let it Snow!

….And I don’t just mean the new Christmassy effect on my blogs….

As this picture shows, the whole of the UK is under the above thick blanket of snow. It seems no one has escaped the weather this week. Even though people were prepared, it is the same old story of the snow causing total havoc to shops, transport, airports, businesses and schools. We in the UK do not do SubZero very well.

Weirdly, when I am in my normal state of ‘wellness’ I find the event of snow ok for my lungs. If it is dry and powdery, and as long as I go out resembling an Egyptian Mummy, I can cope to breathe okish. Obviously this time round it’s a different story as I am still so poorly, but of course, I am not going out in it. I always find the thaw harder than the snow itself. Once that cold damp wetness reappears in the air, I’m back to being a coughing wheezing gonner, plus I really feel the cold and the thaw saps all the heat from the surrounding atmosphere making it feel even more cold and damp.

Who knows how I will fair when the temperature does eventually climb above -0C again.

Interestingly: A while ago, and yes, it may take me a bit of searching as to where I got this next gem of information from, but…

I read about the case of a severe asthma sufferer who was sent to the high Alps of Switzerland and after 6 weeks in the freezing dry powdery snowy air, she found that her symptoms ceased. In fact her asthma was so substantially improved that her lungs returned to normal. The article, I remember, talked about ‘resetting the lungs’.

If only I could recall when and where I heard this. I think it may even have been a study by either Southampton or Manchester Universities/Hospitals.

I would gladly put my life on hold and go and spend a wintery month or so up in, say, Teluride, CO or Springdale, UT: somewhere in the US where there is high altitude coupled with that dry powdery snow.

….If you’ve ever heard this story, please let me know, I must get googling while I am thinking about all things snowy….

EDIT: I’ve found the story on YouTube….I didn’t quite remember it all properly-she initially went for 3 weeks then 6 months, and it was a treatment offered by Birmingham Children’s hospital. But anyway-result!


8 Responses to Let it Snow!

  1. Steve says:

    Yeah , Ive been hearing a lot about the wintry weather over there. They were saying the other day how the cold weather was effecting rail transport throughout Europe. How the doors on the train cars get stuck and can’t close, which slows all the trains down.

    It’s been unusually cold here in the SF area as well, though obviously not cold enough to snow.

    I wouldn’t mind joining you on that mountain.

  2. Steve-it is freezing (-6C here today!)

    Check back on my post-I’ve found the story on YouTube!

    It is really fascinating me….

    PS: Hardly any trains are running countrywide. THE SNOW IS WAY TOO THICK!

    • Insanity! It’s colder in the UK than it is in parts of Canada. In winter (it’s 2C here right now).

      My mind boggles at the idea of Londoners envying me for the “warm” weather.

      Though, it’s forecasted to cool off and dump 25cm of snow here today, so… yeah. At least you don’t have that much snow on the way? Unless you do, in which case my condolances.

      Get well soon!

  3. Elisheva says:

    Sounds like the UK deals with snow similarly to how Jerusalem copes. Just close everything down! Tho it hasn’t been ANYWHERE near that cold yet this year.

  4. Amy says:

    If you want dry, you should head to THIS part of CO instead. Can you believe we’ve usually had around 20 inches’ snowfall by this time, and I think right now our total–from a couple next-to-nothing, brief snowfalls–is TWO inches?

    The girls trick-or-treated in a foot of snow last year, and this year they didn’t even wear jackets over their costumes.

    Sorry to hear you’re still fighting this thing, and I hope you get some relief soon. I love the snowfall effect on your blog!

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