12 of 12: December

…. So here follows my series of 12 photographs taken throughout today, the 12th of December, 2010….

If you have been following my blog recently, you will know that I have been quite poorly for about the last 6 weeks. I am, much to everybody’s relief, slowly recovering bit by bit, and beginning to try to reintroduce myself to the world having been on total bed rest for so long, so I’m starting today to think about conquering a few Christmassy things.

Anyway, read and enjoy!

1 ) 8am We awoke to another frosty and slightly foggy morning. Our snow has gone for the time being-but is expected back again midweek!

2 ) 8.10am I downed my revolting cough syrup, and morning tablets, as usual, with a shot of ice cold grapefruit juice!

3 ) 8.15am I started a pot of turkey broth soup on the go. I’d finished the last of the chicken soup I made on Thursday, yesterday, so it was time to make more. These were the bones and left overs from Mummy’s birthday turkey last Sunday.

4 ) 9.30am I plonked myself on the spare bedroom floor, wrapped up in my dressing gown, and started sorting out the myriad of Christmas Cards we needed to send out. Surprisingly, it wasn’t too hard a task and I enjoyed the feeling of euphoria that I had actually got around to writing them all!

5 ) 11am My soup was ready, so I removed the turkey bones from it and blended it in the saucepan with the immersion blender before transferring it to the kilner jars ready for freezing.

6 ) Lunchtime I had some of my fresh soup, and rested back on the bed , doing some more of Saturday’s Times Jumbo Crossword.

7 ) 3pm Julian had been putting up more lights and then popped out to Duck’s Hill garden Centre to have a look at their icicle lights as we still haven’t managed to buy anymore this season. He took this picture of their Christmas grotto garden for me. So darling!….

8  )…. and he came back with this bag of goodies. I’d asked him to see if he could pick up a few of the present requests for gardening gloves and jars of lime marmalade for various family members! He got everything sorted!

9 ) 4pm I settled down to watch the UK premier of Barefoot in London. Those of you who know me sure know I’m a major Ina Garten fan, and when I found out she’d been in London filming this special Holiday show, I was champing at the bit to watch it and see all the food adventure places she’d visited on her trip so we could go to the same stores and eat and buy the same things!!

10 ) 5.50pm I put my long coat on and stepped outside into the real world to take a photograph of our Christmas Lights. We always have these warm white Christmas lights. There are still a few to wire up, but with J on nights last week, progress has been a little on the staccato side! Happy holidays!

11  ) 6.50pm The bath photo! And this month I can have a glass of wine, so it’s a Chardonnay in the photo-and not a glass of ribena like in November, as I am finally (well, temporarily at least for now), off antibiotics. This bath had lavender essential oil rather than bubble bath in it, and smelled delicious!

12 ) 8.10pm The Pizza photo-it is J’s American Hot Pizza Express take out-as I had their chicken and avocado salad-I so did not want to get glutened this close to Christmas so I had the yummy  salad and some of my own warmed GF pitta breads and melted cheese for supper!

Good night all. And here comes the X Factor result……and the winner is…….???

…..Edit: Matt!!!!!!

H A P P Y   H O L I D A Y S !

See you next month!

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13 Responses to 12 of 12: December

  1. kerri says:

    oh so x-factor is what all your twitter yelling is about 😉

    and that is quite the crossword puzzle! it appears you’re a brave one who does it in pen? 😛

  2. TJ says:

    Nice 12 of 12 photos. i like the one of your soups and also the one of your outside Christmas decorations. As usual, thanks for sharing your day. Happy Holidays and All the Best in the New Year!

  3. Elisheva says:

    I also do my crosswords in pen!

    Sus, did you see Glee on X-factor? That was just now, right? I saw it on youtube. I ❤ Glee!

    Your house looks so London-y! I mean the archatecture. I love London.

    Marry Christmas!

  4. Jill says:

    I totally want to make soup now, seeing yours cooking. YUM! It’s a perfect time for it, too. SO cold outside.

    I love the lights on your house, so pretty. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  5. Kat says:

    Cool 12! I’m impressed by your crosswording ability. I’m
    also surprised that you can take meds with grapefruit juice. A
    couple of mine say not to take it with it cause it changes the way
    in which the med is absorbed.

  6. Hi Kat-nice of you to stop by!
    Interesting discussion point. Which meds are you on that you can’t take with my all time favourite juice? I know it interacts with heart and bp meds but I’m not on any of those! I was told it can increase the effect of my antihistamine (Fexofenadine, Allegra) which isn’t such a bad thing as I’m not on the top dose anyway.
    Isn’t it weird. I have no idea why I love grapefruit juice so much!

    • Kat says:

      Pretty much every antihistamine I’ve been on has always said that. So at present it’s the warning on my allegra/fexofenadine and claritin/loradine, but I’m also on the max dose of allegra.

  7. Glad you were feeling better by the time you posted this!

    I like the lights outside the house, and the lovely, relaxing bath. And it’s sweet to see J’s guest photo at the garden centre – every month there’s a little story of something sweet he’s done, it’s lovely to read 🙂

    Sorry my comment is late – I wanted to wait until my own 12 was up, before I visited everyone else’s.


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